Mike Hancock MP Cleared By Police Over Alleged Sex Assault.

The BBC is reporting that Mike Hancock MP has been cleared by police and - "will face no further police action in relation to alleged sexual assault claims".

It's not the end of the matter though as a civil hearing in regard to the case takes place at the High Court on December 16th.

Local Tories in Portsmouth are yet again outraged.

Conservative Party Regional Deputy Chairman for South East England & Area Chairman for Hampshire, Jim Fleming, told tbg - "I'm not sure it's a very accurate headline to say that he has been cleared".

"Has he been cleared or is there just not enough evidence?"

With regards to Nigel Pascoe QC's damning report, Mr. Fleming said - "I think it will have to be published eventually as there would be no grounds not to do so."

"I am certain however that any attempt by PCC to prevent that and cover it up will see it come into the public domain anyway."