Huge Support For 'No More EU Migrants' Campaign.

I congratulate the Daily Express for yet again leading the way in standing up to the EU by getting 75,000 signatures together in protest at yet more EU diktat by saying - "No more EU migrants".

If the Prime Minister really does think that, as this petition proves, "public opinion with the EU is wafer thin" then he should stop brushing the issue into the long grass in order to appease the Liberal Democrats and act now.

The Prime Minister should suspend British support for relaxing new border controls immediately rather than wait until after the 2015 General Election for a re-negotiation because he knows full well that the outcome of that election is not guaranteed to work in his favour.

Plus, as was proved by Tony Blair's broken promise as regards a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, not every politician can be trusted on this issue can they?

So I tell David Cameron in the kindest possible way; Act Now!