How Council Will Fund Chief Executive Bumper Pay Rise.

Its caused uproar across the town and has ripped the heart and soul out of the local Labour Party, yet still, tbg can today expose that Councillor Colin Lambert, the Leader of Rochdale Council is to ignore pleas from his own party in order to railroad through a 40% pay rise for Chief Executive Jim Taylor and similar rises for other council officers.

tbg can expose that despite the excuses from cabinet members including champagne socialist Richard Farnell that the rise is due to extra responsibilities, the last Greater Manchester Chief Executive to assume the Regional Police Role, Barbara Spicer from Salford Council, did not get any extra money at all.

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has again been scathing of the move calling it a "grubby deal" that "reflects badly on local democracy."

Danczuk has even accused Lambert of being - "Hell bent on pushing through unpopular and ill thought through measures that the public don’t want."

One comment on the tbg blog even suggested that socialist sponger Farnell was himself against the increase.

Which only begs the question as to why he didn't resign rather than take collective responsibility for Lambert's actions? Are Danczuk and Farnell are yet again spinning to try and save their own skin?

Sadly though, given that Labour's fingerprints are all over it, tbg thinks that the public aren't that daft and come the next set of local elections, they will simply see through it.