Hancock Lawyer Slams Council 'Avenues To Accountability' Shut Down.

With rumours rife in Portsmouth that Mike Hancock wants an out of court settlement with the woman making sexual assault allegations, there's another twist tonight.

It concerns the woman's solicitor, Harriet Wistrich, who is being denied access to Nigel Pascoe QC's devastating report as regards the Portsmouth South MP.

Wistrich says that she has asked for a full explanation from Hampshire Police as to why no action is being taken against Hancock and to see the report.

So far though, despite an application also being sought under the Freedom of Information Act, Portsmouth City Council are not budging.

In words which seem to amount to accusations of shady behaviour and possibly a cover-up, Wistrich told tbg today - "As a solicitor experienced in holding the police and authorities to account I am shocked by the way the avenues to accountability are being shut."

"These allegations deserve to be tested by the court and the council."

The woman making accusations says all she wants is justice. Mike Hancock MP was cleared of said the allegations by police last week.