Government Minister Harper Says Britain Is Powerless To Act On EU Border Controls.

So, we are now told by Government Minister Mark Harper that Britain is powerless to act as regards the relaxing of EU border controls in January that will allow millions of Bulgarian and Romanians to come and work in the UK.

If anything ever underlines what a complete and utter laughing stock this country is fast becoming at the hands of the EU then this is it.

Here we have a government on one hand complaining about Labour's open door migration policy that saw thousnads of British youth talent go to waste, yet on the other hand bowing to Brussels bureaucrats again by picking up from where they left off.

It's time for David Cameron and Britain to stand up to the EU, even if it does mean defying their much treasured diktat and tell them that we are having a referendum on our future. Until the outcome of that referendum has been decided we will control our own destiny, thank you very much.