EXCLUSIVE: Labour PPC Slams Hancock Panel.

LABOUR'S Prospective Parliamentary Candidate [PPC] for Portsmouth North has exclusively told tbg that he finds the decision to postpone a decision on Mike Hancock MP as "astonishing" and "unfathomable".

PPC John Ferrett said - "I find it astonishing that the panel considering the complaint against Councillor Hancock have decided to postpone any decision until after the High Court case has been determined.

"Councillor Hancock has been given every opportunity to present his case, but has refused to give his side of the story. Instead, he has sought to delay and defer proceedings at a considerable cost to Portsmouth Council Taxpayers. These delays have already cost the Council an estimated £50,000. However, this figure could escalate to in excess of £100,000 if the Council are Judicially Reviewed on the decision and lose the case.

"Nigel Pascoe QC, the independent investigator, is clear in stating that there should be no delay, not least given, in his view, the veracity of the complainants allegations against Councillor Hancock. Furthermore, he believes that delay carries huge reputational and financial risk for the Council. In these circumstances it is unfathomable as to how the two Liberal Democrat members of the panel were able to vote for a postponement."