EXCLUSIVE: Furious Row Erupts Over Tied Royal Holloway Tory Election.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) at Royal Holloway (RH) are having a turbulent week with accusations of smears and electoral misconduct after members apparently elected of Antonia Jade King Chairman this past weekend, tbg can reveal.

Sources at Royal Holloway have sensationally revealed to tbg that the vote was a tie between King and the RH incumbent, Sarah-Jane Sewell. tbg also understands that the new chairman is to be investigated by Student Union officers over alleged electoral misconduct.

Apparent chaos took hold during the election on Friday when an almighty row erupted outside the election chamber, in which two males were involved. The furious row between an ally of King and a candidate in the Royal Holloway Tory elections had to be defused by CF's National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell before proceedings could continue.

As things stand, the stand off between King and Sewell may be set to continue.