EXCLUSIVE: Antonia Jade King Elected Royal Holloway Tory Youth Leader.

ROYAL HOLLOWAY Conservative Future (CF) have elected Antonia Jade King Chairman in a sensational victory, tbg can reveal.

The victory came at the expense of the National Deputy Chair' of the Tory Youth Wing, Sarah-Jane Sewell.

The exact result is still unclear, but the returning officer told tbg the margin was high.

An anonymous CF source close to King said - "Our branch at Royal Holloway has been almost inactive for a year, since it was formed. We waited for Sarah-Jane to ratify the society with the students' union for year, and now we don't even have enough members to be fully active.

"Hopefully, with Antonia as chairwoman, we can progress and form a stable Conservative association."

Shaun Butler was elected the Deputy Chairman at Royal Holloway despite fierce competition from around five other candidates, approx' 50% of the electorate.