Ed Miliband's Co-Operative Crisis As Flowers' Home Searched By Police.

There's a huge row brewing in Westminster today after it was exposed that the Labour Party may have been involved in a huge cover-up involving former Co-op boss and Labour donor Reverend Paul Flowers. The allegations centre on Flowers time as a Labour and Co-operative councillor.

Flowers resigned from Bradford Council in September 2011 after "inappropriate adult content" was found on his work laptop.

Yet somehow, Flowers still managed to get the top job at the Co-Op bank which approved a £1.2 million loan to the Labour Party after Flowers met Ed Miliband along with a matching loan via Unity Trust Bank which is also controlled by the Co-op.

The row took a huge twist yesterday when one of Ed Balls best pals, Len Wardle, also quit.

Both Flowers and Wardle were also involved in a decision to give Ed Balls office a gift of £50,000 in March 2012 to help with finances that were drowned by fighting a spirited campaign by the Tory candidate, Antony Calvert, in 2010.

Balls has this morning said that he was unaware of the incident in Bradford despite the fact that his Morley and Outwood constituency is just a short drive down the road.

Only yesterday, Ed Miliband was forced to deny reports of leaked emails stating that he thinks that Balls, "is a nightmare to work with".

tbg can today confirm that that Paul Flowers also left Rochdale Council under a huge cloud.

Flowers was a councillor in Rochdale from 1988 to 1992 where he was the member for Smallbridge and Wardleworth.

Flowers was also the vice chairman of Rochdale Social Services Committee during the Rochdale Satanic Abuse scandal. The scandal saw 21 children taken into care amid false allegations of horrendous criminal acts being perpetrated by their parents who were allegedly members of a Satanic Ritual Abuse 'cult'.

According to tbg sources, very serious accusations were levelled at him by local Conservative activists at the time.

tbg can also reveal this morning that Flowers apparently also has a criminal conviction for indecency to his name, reportedly over a sex act in a public toilet.

Flowers has also been suspended by the Methodist ministry where he is a Methodist Superintendent Minister for three weeks pending further investigations into his conduct.

Reverend Flowers' home was searched by officers from West Yorkshire Police last night.

A statement from the force read - "Officers executed a search warrant at an address in Hollingwood Lane, Great Horton, (Bradford) yesterday as part of an investigation into alleged drugs offences arising from a national Sunday newspaper story."