Cooper Rating Soars as Sewell Suffers CF Set Back.

TORY YOUTH National Chairman, Oliver Cooper, has sensationally seen his support surge and topped the latest Conservative Future [CF] poll, tbg can reveal.

The CF National Chairman has picked up support where his colleague and now without a doubt, rival, National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell has lost support since telling friends she is going to run for CF National Chairman via text. The news exploded on the political scene after one of the text message recipients leaked the information and wrote a seething blog post, viciously attacking the Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman.

Figures show that more CF'ers are willing to give the CF National Chairman Oliver Cooper a 5-Star rating over CF Deputy Sewell, whom topped the 1-Star rating choice. Some 52% of those that responded think positively of Cooper compared to 29.9% who think negatively.

83% of people asked view Sewell’s decision to stand at this time negatively. 21% say it was the wrong thing to do for her campaign, 31% say it is not good for Conservative Future and another 31% say it will negatively impact her ability to serve as Deputy National Chairman.

Polling expert Mo Metcalf-Fisher told tbg - "If the poll shows anything, it is that the respondents are not happy with the executive. As the 2015 general election looms ever closer, and the next CF election date remains unclear, how long must CF wait before its members can have a say on its leadership? We desperately need unity and Oliver Cooper needs the support of his executive.

"Toytown politics is ruining our organisation and I fear it may put off activists off at a time when we need as many feet on the ground as possible. There is at present a clear divide between Cooper and his executive. Without unity, whether coerced or otherwise, CF can forget building the necessary activist base for 2015."

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