Cameron Risks Losing Support Over Immigration.

During the 2005 General Election Campaign a leaflet published by the then Conservative Leader, Michael Howard, called 'Timetable for Action' highlighted a pledge of 'controlled immigration'.

During the 2010 campaign David Cameron pledged time and again that a Conservative Government would 'control immigration'.

And time and again I have always asked myself what is the point in investing endless pots of money in our own youth if they are only going to be priced out of the market by foreign labour.

So the fact that former Home Secretary Jack Straw is the latest figure to admit how Labour failed on the issue of immigration when in power simply underlines what a big mistake David Cameron is set to make if he ignores the pleas of Daily Express readers to suspend the lifting of border controls again in January 2014.

People say that voting UKIP could let Ed Miliband into Downing Street. I say that there is only one person who can do that and that is David Cameron.

In my opinion David Cameron needs to listen to the people and have a serious rethink of his current immigration policy once and for all.

Otherwise, I believe, he will lose even more of his traditional support base and it is this that would hand the next election on a plate to Red Ed Miliband by default despite a strong economy and despite the socialist rot Labour stand for.

Which is exactly why Mr Cameron needs to engage in this debate and act now or lose later.