150,000 Sign Daily Express Immigration Petition.

The fact that over 150,000 people have now signed the petition run by the Daily Express against the latest wave of migration really is a testament to the strength of feeling on this issue.

The fact that not a single application for a work permit from Bulgaria has been turned down since 2007 is sickening.

David Cameron should hang his head in shame for allowing his party to go from one vociferously opposed to immigration to one picking up from where Labour left behind.

Each day it is the same people claiming benefits from what should be a safety net.

The Prime Minister needs to listen more because these are the people who are being denied work and if he's not careful they will be the same people who turf him out at the next election.

Mr Cameron should stop flip-flopping, have some principles, and, in the words of his own opposition campaign material, "Put Britain First!"