Hancock Lawyer Slams Council 'Avenues To Accountability' Shut Down.

With rumours rife in Portsmouth that Mike Hancock wants an out of court settlement with the woman making sexual assault allegations, there's another twist tonight.

It concerns the woman's solicitor, Harriet Wistrich, who is being denied access to Nigel Pascoe QC's devastating report as regards the Portsmouth South MP.

Wistrich says that she has asked for a full explanation from Hampshire Police as to why no action is being taken against Hancock and to see the report.

So far though, despite an application also being sought under the Freedom of Information Act, Portsmouth City Council are not budging.

In words which seem to amount to accusations of shady behaviour and possibly a cover-up, Wistrich told tbg today - "As a solicitor experienced in holding the police and authorities to account I am shocked by the way the avenues to accountability are being shut."

"These allegations deserve to be tested by the court and the council."

The woman making accusations says all she wants is justice. Mike Hancock MP was cleared of said the allegations by police last week.

EXCLUSIVE: Early Tory Youth National Executive Election Put To The Test.

A NEW POLL has been launched today which is set to gauge opinion on whether Conservative Future (CF) members are in favour of a snap national executive election.

Tory Youth sources claim that nobody knows when the next election will be, not even National Chairman Oliver Cooper.

Polling expert Mo Metcalf-Fisher told tbg - "The last few surveys have indicated a growing wave of scepticism amongst CF members towards some members of the National Executive. With the date of the next CF election unknown, I'd like to see if there is support for an election prior to September 2014. I personally believe that the only way this problem can be resolved fairly, is to have our members go to the ballot box. It doesn't seem right that the CF executive can hold an election whenever they see it fit."

[Take the poll]

'UK Nationals' Being Denied Work Because Of Open Door EU Migration'.

In response to the Daily Express' magnificent campaign against a new wave of migration, the Prime Minister talks tough by saying that he plans to curb benefits for newcomers and says that it will be part of his big re-negotiation of the EU in readiness for his promised in or out referendum in 2017.

What Mr Cameron needs to realise is that it is not specifically benefits that is the issue, but, more importantly, jobs.

Only earlier this week we read about a Portsmouth graduate being asked to take her degree off her C.V.

These UK nationals are the kind of people who are being denied work because of the policy of open door migration.

Its is costing Britain in potential taxes, potential benefit savings but above all because foreign nationals send a good proportion of their earnings back home, it is harming the economy too.

EXCLUSIVE: Furious Row Erupts Over Tied Royal Holloway Tory Election.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) at Royal Holloway (RH) are having a turbulent week with accusations of smears and electoral misconduct after members apparently elected of Antonia Jade King Chairman this past weekend, tbg can reveal.

Sources at Royal Holloway have sensationally revealed to tbg that the vote was a tie between King and the RH incumbent, Sarah-Jane Sewell. tbg also understands that the new chairman is to be investigated by Student Union officers over alleged electoral misconduct.

Apparent chaos took hold during the election on Friday when an almighty row erupted outside the election chamber, in which two males were involved. The furious row between an ally of King and a candidate in the Royal Holloway Tory elections had to be defused by CF's National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell before proceedings could continue.

As things stand, the stand off between King and Sewell may be set to continue.

Tory MP's Bill to Keep Work Restriction In Place.

TBG can today confirm that one of Nigel Farage's "allies", the Conservative MP Peter Bone is to publish a Bill this week calling for the residency tests for people from Bulgaria and Romania in Britain to remain in place.

Mr Bone last night told tbg - "It is absolutely right to make it more difficult for new migrants to get benefits because one of the reasons people travel here is because our benefits are more generous."

"We have to stop them coming in the first place."

150,000 Sign Daily Express Immigration Petition.

The fact that over 150,000 people have now signed the petition run by the Daily Express against the latest wave of migration really is a testament to the strength of feeling on this issue.

The fact that not a single application for a work permit from Bulgaria has been turned down since 2007 is sickening.

David Cameron should hang his head in shame for allowing his party to go from one vociferously opposed to immigration to one picking up from where Labour left behind.

Each day it is the same people claiming benefits from what should be a safety net.

The Prime Minister needs to listen more because these are the people who are being denied work and if he's not careful they will be the same people who turf him out at the next election.

Mr Cameron should stop flip-flopping, have some principles, and, in the words of his own opposition campaign material, "Put Britain First!"

PM To Defy EU On Migrants.

The Sunday Times are reporting that PM David Cameron is set to toughen up over the EU migrants and defy the EU over border control changes in January, amid growing fears over the impact of an influx of Romanians and Bulgarians into Britain.

It follows a relentless campaign by the Daily Express, its readers, and letter writers.

Amongst other measures, the prime minister is reportedly ready to extend the length of time that new arrivals have to stay in the country before qualifying for state benefits.

Tory Rebels' Are Farage 'Allies' as EU Referendum Amendment is Defeated.

Along with Labour's Mike Gapes, it's emerged that Adam Afriyie, Andrew Bridgen, Douglas Carswell, Philip Davies, Nadine Dorries, Adam Holloway, Stewart Jackson, Chris Kelly, Julian Lewis, Stephen McPartland, Mark Reckless, Laurence Robertson, Andrew Rosindell and Martin Vickers were the one's backing calls for a 2014 EU Referendum in Westminster yesterday along with tellers Peter Bone and Philip Hollobone.

Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers is a prominent eurosceptic and believes the public should be consulted over the changing relationship this country has with the European Union.

Vickers, a former agent to Edward Leigh MP and University of Lincoln graduate told tbg - "I'm a long-standing Eurosceptic and I will vote 'no' when we have the referendum."

"Personally, I'd have it now – a simple piece of legislation to say there will be a referendum could be passed fairly quickly."

"I would either have it to coincide with next year's European Parliament elections or on the same day as the Scottish independence referendum in September 2014."

"I've yet to be convinced it can't be held before the next general election in 2015."

The UKIP leader described the 16 Conservative MPs who opposed the Tory leadership by backing an in/out referendum next year as "potential allies" of his Eurosceptic party.

Mike Hancock MP Cleared By Police Over Alleged Sex Assault.

The BBC is reporting that Mike Hancock MP has been cleared by police and - "will face no further police action in relation to alleged sexual assault claims".

It's not the end of the matter though as a civil hearing in regard to the case takes place at the High Court on December 16th.

Local Tories in Portsmouth are yet again outraged.

Conservative Party Regional Deputy Chairman for South East England & Area Chairman for Hampshire, Jim Fleming, told tbg - "I'm not sure it's a very accurate headline to say that he has been cleared".

"Has he been cleared or is there just not enough evidence?"

With regards to Nigel Pascoe QC's damning report, Mr. Fleming said - "I think it will have to be published eventually as there would be no grounds not to do so."

"I am certain however that any attempt by PCC to prevent that and cover it up will see it come into the public domain anyway."

EXCLUSIVE: Antonia Jade King Elected Royal Holloway Tory Youth Leader.

ROYAL HOLLOWAY Conservative Future (CF) have elected Antonia Jade King Chairman in a sensational victory, tbg can reveal.

The victory came at the expense of the National Deputy Chair' of the Tory Youth Wing, Sarah-Jane Sewell.

The exact result is still unclear, but the returning officer told tbg the margin was high.

An anonymous CF source close to King said - "Our branch at Royal Holloway has been almost inactive for a year, since it was formed. We waited for Sarah-Jane to ratify the society with the students' union for year, and now we don't even have enough members to be fully active.

"Hopefully, with Antonia as chairwoman, we can progress and form a stable Conservative association."

Shaun Butler was elected the Deputy Chairman at Royal Holloway despite fierce competition from around five other candidates, approx' 50% of the electorate.

EXCLUSIVE: Tories Slam Mike Hancock MP Legal Shambles.

Portsmouth City Council have allegedly ignored legal advice and have paid thousands in local taxes, because of a decision to wait until the outcome of Mike Hancock's civil case. The shambles has been slammed by local Conservative Party Councillor Luke Stubbs and Tory Group Leader Donna Jones, labelling it as the "worst decision" she's witnessed, tbg can reveal.

It's also recently been revealed by local Tories that Hancock tabled a written question at Westminster on July 15th about the impact of government cuts to legal aid for people seeking "judicial reviews".

Tory Councillor Luke Stubbs released this statement exclusively to tbg - "Hancock’s got what he needed with the suspension of the council investigation, which is as good as dead now. The LibDem majority on the committee has said in effect that they will go with the result of the civil action. If that goes against him then it’s all over for Hancock anyway, but if it goes his way then the council action will be dropped. This is not how things are supposed to work.

"We don’t yet know whether there will be a judicial review, but his question does seem ironic given the circumstances. I’d like to know what answer he got."

Tory Group Leader Donna Jones exclusively told tbg - "I'm deeply disappointed that the hearing sub-committee which I chaired decided to 'postpone' the decision & sanctions concerning Cllr Hancock. I think the council has done wrong by the alleged victim and also Cllr Hancock, who now has this hanging around his neck potentially for another 9 months.

"This is one of the worst decisions I have been party to since being elected in 2008.

"In September 2013, the same sub-committee accepted the findings of an experienced QC, Nigel Pascoe who concluded that Cllr Mike Hancock was guilty of sexual assault & bullying behaviour against a vulnerable adult whilst acting in his capacity as a Liberal Democrat Cllr & cabinet member at Portsmouth City Council.

"Further more, I believe the leader of the council, Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson is acting in an overtly political way by not suspending Cllr Hancock once Nigel Pascoe QC's report was officially 'adopted' by the council.

"All Cllrs have a duty to protect vulnerable adults, Cllr Vernon-Jackson is falling short of his statutory responsibilities.

"I have expressed my serious concerns to the councils monitoring officer."

Government Minister Harper Says Britain Is Powerless To Act On EU Border Controls.

So, we are now told by Government Minister Mark Harper that Britain is powerless to act as regards the relaxing of EU border controls in January that will allow millions of Bulgarian and Romanians to come and work in the UK.

If anything ever underlines what a complete and utter laughing stock this country is fast becoming at the hands of the EU then this is it.

Here we have a government on one hand complaining about Labour's open door migration policy that saw thousnads of British youth talent go to waste, yet on the other hand bowing to Brussels bureaucrats again by picking up from where they left off.

It's time for David Cameron and Britain to stand up to the EU, even if it does mean defying their much treasured diktat and tell them that we are having a referendum on our future. Until the outcome of that referendum has been decided we will control our own destiny, thank you very much.

Tories Set For Boris Christmas Party.

AN EXCLUSIVE Christmas Party with Boris Johnson has been arranged by London Conservative Future (CF), tbg can reveal.

The festivities are set to take place at a top secret Central London location on Tuesday 3rd December, tickets can be bought here.

Mahyar Tousi, the [deputy] communications officer for London CF exclusively told tbg - "Over the last year, CFers have been working extremely hard campaigning for the Party. And with Christmas coming up, it is time for them to be rewarded. Our annual London CF Christmas Party with Boris is the best way to end another successful year.

"I'm also excited to announce that after receiving great responses so far, this event has now turned into the biggest Christmas Party of the year, with activists joining us from all over the country."

Ed Miliband's Co-Operative Crisis As Flowers' Home Searched By Police.

There's a huge row brewing in Westminster today after it was exposed that the Labour Party may have been involved in a huge cover-up involving former Co-op boss and Labour donor Reverend Paul Flowers. The allegations centre on Flowers time as a Labour and Co-operative councillor.

Flowers resigned from Bradford Council in September 2011 after "inappropriate adult content" was found on his work laptop.

Yet somehow, Flowers still managed to get the top job at the Co-Op bank which approved a £1.2 million loan to the Labour Party after Flowers met Ed Miliband along with a matching loan via Unity Trust Bank which is also controlled by the Co-op.

The row took a huge twist yesterday when one of Ed Balls best pals, Len Wardle, also quit.

Both Flowers and Wardle were also involved in a decision to give Ed Balls office a gift of £50,000 in March 2012 to help with finances that were drowned by fighting a spirited campaign by the Tory candidate, Antony Calvert, in 2010.

Balls has this morning said that he was unaware of the incident in Bradford despite the fact that his Morley and Outwood constituency is just a short drive down the road.

Only yesterday, Ed Miliband was forced to deny reports of leaked emails stating that he thinks that Balls, "is a nightmare to work with".

tbg can today confirm that that Paul Flowers also left Rochdale Council under a huge cloud.

Flowers was a councillor in Rochdale from 1988 to 1992 where he was the member for Smallbridge and Wardleworth.

Flowers was also the vice chairman of Rochdale Social Services Committee during the Rochdale Satanic Abuse scandal. The scandal saw 21 children taken into care amid false allegations of horrendous criminal acts being perpetrated by their parents who were allegedly members of a Satanic Ritual Abuse 'cult'.

According to tbg sources, very serious accusations were levelled at him by local Conservative activists at the time.

tbg can also reveal this morning that Flowers apparently also has a criminal conviction for indecency to his name, reportedly over a sex act in a public toilet.

Flowers has also been suspended by the Methodist ministry where he is a Methodist Superintendent Minister for three weeks pending further investigations into his conduct.

Reverend Flowers' home was searched by officers from West Yorkshire Police last night.

A statement from the force read - "Officers executed a search warrant at an address in Hollingwood Lane, Great Horton, (Bradford) yesterday as part of an investigation into alleged drugs offences arising from a national Sunday newspaper story."

UKIP Quids In After Tycoon Promises To Bankroll Party.


UKIP received a huge backing yesterday when a business tycoon who has vowed to do "whatever it takes" to help UKIP win the European elections and promised to bankroll the party for the 2014 European and Local Elections campaign.

Whilst latest figures released by the Electoral Commission show that UKIP received just £113,326 in donations from July to September, tbg can reveal that Sykes has deep pockets when it comes to backing the party.

Sykes donated a reported £1.5million to UKIP’s 2004 European election campaign.

Sykes was also a backer of the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s but broke with the party in 1991 over John Major’s stance on the Maastricht Treaty.

In an article for yesterdays Daily Express Mr Sykes says that the European Elections next May will be the most important in his lifetime and pledges that he will do - "Whatever it takes to get Britain out of the EU".

Parliament Street In Metro Front Page Splash.

PARLIAMENT STREET made a front page splash in yesterdays Metro newspaper. The popular free paper is read by millions of commuters every day in 50 UK cities.

One of the UK's newest and most influential think tank revealed sensational figures that show thieves are stealing 26 mobile phones, laptops and tablets from Britain’s rail travellers every day.

Parliament Street says - "Thieves snatched 6,436 mobiles, 1,061 computers and 929 tablets or e-readers in the first ten months of this year."

The Parliament Street think tank goes beyond the current policy agenda and look towards the debates that are likely to be formed by the next generation in government. They have had several high profile events with Tory MP's such as Liam Fox and Government Cabinet Minister such as Eric Pickles.

EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Future Essay War.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE'S (CF) National Executive have announced an essay writing competition for activists to take part, with a chance of winning a signed copy of Margaret Thatcher: Personality and Power by Jonathan Aitken, tbg can reveal.

Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell told tbg - "Bloomsbury publishing are kindly offering a signed copy of 'Margaret Thatcher: Personality and Power' by Jonathan Aitken for the winner of a short essay competition that is to be judged by the CF National Exec' team."

The essay topic is - 'How did the personality & politics of Margaret Thatcher affect the young people of today?'

Submissions should be 750 - 1000 words and submitted by December 12th to the competition organiser and CF National Executive Strategy Team Member Luke Springthorpe [luke.springthorpe@conservativefuture.com], the result is set to be announced on December 18th.

Sewell said - "Names of essay Authors will be withheld from the national executive in order for judging to be impartial."

EXCLUSIVE: Rumours of Posh Celeb Bash as JSJ Romps To Anti-NUS Victory Promising To Save £50k For Booze.

POPULAR LIBERTARIAN activist Jennifer Salisbury-Jones (JSJ) has sensationally stormed to victory at Bristol University NUS elections pledging to save Bristol students £50,000 for alcohol as rumours become rife about a potential glamorous Bristol Uni' celebrity party, tbg can reveal.

NUS cost to Bristol students
tbg asked JSJ how she plans on beginning to implement such ideas and policies, to which she replied that pushing for a referendum this year on NUS affiliation now had a clear mandate.

JSJ told tbg - "To stop wasting Bristol students money we have to disaffiliate from the NUS. With such clear dissatisfaction amongst the student body there is a clear mandate for a referendum later this year. I will be arguing that we would be better off out."

Sources have recently alerted tbg to rumours that all £50k will be spent on an exclusive celebrity party with grand ice statues with platters of posh oysters and muscles. JSJ exclusively told tbg - "Once we do (hopefully) disaffiliate, the fee will go on whatever Bristol students mandate the union to spend it on. This could mean a bigger society grant budget, more staff, better support for students unable to access activities, whatever. That is a debate for later. Let's get us out of the NUS first."

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Hancock MP Set For Judicial Review.


TBG can exclusively reveal that the legal team acting for the vulnerable adult whom was allegedly sexually assaulted by Mike Hancock MP are set to take Portsmouth City Council to court within weeks.

tbg understands that the complainant will seek a judicial review of Portsmouth City Council's decision not to take any immediate action against the Portsmouth South MP, after a committee sensationally adjourned the matter until after a High Court case that might not even begin before next September.

tbg can also reveal that the parties involved in the Mike Hancock alleged sexual assault case are to meet up at the High Court in London on December 16th.

Tory Group Leader of Portsmouth City Council, Donna Jones, is still fuming that action against Hancock has not been taken telling tbg - "I am extremely disappointing that a full hearing has not gone ahead."

"It's disappointing firstly because, as a council, we have a statutory duty to protect vulnerable adults and secondly because Nigel Pascoe QC has met with her on two occasions and concluded that a sexual assault did take place" - said Jones.

Despite this the Liberal Democrats Leader of the Council, Gerald Vernon Jackson, continues to stand by his man and in spite of ignoring pleas for an interview with tbg, he instead told the Portsmouth News:

"Has anything changed? As far as I can see, nothing has!"

"There has been a complaint, and the committee has decided to come to a conclusion, but only after the court case."

Gerald Vernon-Jackson has taken a huge gamble, backing Hancock surely means that if found guilty he'll have to go down with him.

Clegg Plays Down Significance Of Relaxing Border Controls In January.

The fact that Nick Clegg is now playing down the significance of the relaxing of our border controls in January simply underlines how this coalition seems to be just carrying on from where Labour left off on the subject of immigration.

Kebab and Curry House owners up and down the land must be rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of even more cheap labour.

When the likes of Roger Daltry start standing up to be counted you would think it is time for the government to listen but not this lot.

Instead of listening to the voices of the many they continue to spend more time attacking those who talk sense as we saw with Nick Clegg's attack on UKIP.

The Prime Minister needs to realise that time is running out between now and the next election and so is people's patience.

EXCLUSIVE: Labour PPC Slams Hancock Panel.

LABOUR'S Prospective Parliamentary Candidate [PPC] for Portsmouth North has exclusively told tbg that he finds the decision to postpone a decision on Mike Hancock MP as "astonishing" and "unfathomable".

PPC John Ferrett said - "I find it astonishing that the panel considering the complaint against Councillor Hancock have decided to postpone any decision until after the High Court case has been determined.

"Councillor Hancock has been given every opportunity to present his case, but has refused to give his side of the story. Instead, he has sought to delay and defer proceedings at a considerable cost to Portsmouth Council Taxpayers. These delays have already cost the Council an estimated £50,000. However, this figure could escalate to in excess of £100,000 if the Council are Judicially Reviewed on the decision and lose the case.

"Nigel Pascoe QC, the independent investigator, is clear in stating that there should be no delay, not least given, in his view, the veracity of the complainants allegations against Councillor Hancock. Furthermore, he believes that delay carries huge reputational and financial risk for the Council. In these circumstances it is unfathomable as to how the two Liberal Democrat members of the panel were able to vote for a postponement."

Uproar As Hancock Given Green Light To Stand.

There's uproar in Portsmouth tonight after Mike Hancock was given the green light to stand for the Liberal Democrats in the city's Fratton ward next May despite ongoing allegations of sexual assault hanging over him, tbg can reveal.

His alleged victim who was present at the hearing at the Civic Offices at 10.30am this morning has called the decision by Lib Dem councillors, Terry Hall and Les Stevens, "disgraceful and disgusting."

And the committee's Tory Chairman Donna Jones has also voiced concern saying that - "Despite having the tools to deal with the matter today Portsmouth City Council has failed to do so."

And in a dramatic new twist tonight, the man who produced the report, Nigel Pascoe QC, has told tbg that far from being discussed by the committee in private, he thinks it should be discussed by the full council in public, such is its seriousness.

Mr Hancock was not present at the meeting and a few minutes ago the Portsmouth North PPC John Ferrett added his voice to the growing concern at Hancock getting off again.

Former Lib Dem Youth Leader Bids For Bollywood Fame.

KAVYA KAUSHIK, the former Liberal Youth Leader, has sensationally announced her intention to become an MP in order to gain an easy route to Bollywood fame.

The no-nonsense, influential Lib Dem activist revealed to tbg - "I want to be an MP so that they can make a Bollywood film about my life. I mainly just want to be the subject of a Bollywood film."

Sources have told tbg that the Bollywood producer, Karan Johar, has been in touch with Kaushik to offer his services.

Hancock to Survive Council's Sex Investigation.

AN ANONYMOUS source has confirmed this morning that two Liberal Democrat councillors will today bow to pressure from the party and sweep the issue of Mike Hancock's behaviour towards a vulnerable constituent into the long grass, as predicted by tbg.

If the source is accurate and the move goes ahead it would give the Lib Dem, Mike Hancock, the green light to re-stand for election in his Fratton council ward next May.

The Portsmouth South MP looked less stressed than recently at a meeting to discuss the council's budget earlier this week.

Lib Dem Shipyard War.

A fresh war in the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats broke out last night.

So far, the stance taken by the party's Leader of Portsmouth City Council, Gerald Vernon Jackson, as regards the shipyard closure has been that it is as a result of the Scottish Independence Referendum.

However, last night, speaking on the BBC's Question Time in Portsmouth, Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary flatly denied this was the case.

Gerald was sitting on the front row in the audience having somehow gained entry. His face was a picture of pure mortification.

Tories Delete Online Data.

TBG can sensationally reveal this morning that a number of speeches and leaflets published by the Conservatives calling for "controlled immigration" whilst they were in opposition have been deleted from the party web site.

They include Michael Howard's speech to Leeds CF'ers in 2005 calling for action to curb immigration and the party's famous 'Timetable for Action' leaflet from the same year.

And in the last few hours its almost emerged that evidence of all the party's promises made between 2000 and 2010 have also been wiped out.

Among other speeches dumped include their pledge not to re-organise the NHS, to support Labour spending plans if they won power and to ensure "near total transparency of the political and governing elite."

Tory party IT experts have also attempted to block certain data and information being accessed by search engines such as Bing and Google.

Cameron Risks Losing Support Over Immigration.

During the 2005 General Election Campaign a leaflet published by the then Conservative Leader, Michael Howard, called 'Timetable for Action' highlighted a pledge of 'controlled immigration'.

During the 2010 campaign David Cameron pledged time and again that a Conservative Government would 'control immigration'.

And time and again I have always asked myself what is the point in investing endless pots of money in our own youth if they are only going to be priced out of the market by foreign labour.

So the fact that former Home Secretary Jack Straw is the latest figure to admit how Labour failed on the issue of immigration when in power simply underlines what a big mistake David Cameron is set to make if he ignores the pleas of Daily Express readers to suspend the lifting of border controls again in January 2014.

People say that voting UKIP could let Ed Miliband into Downing Street. I say that there is only one person who can do that and that is David Cameron.

In my opinion David Cameron needs to listen to the people and have a serious rethink of his current immigration policy once and for all.

Otherwise, I believe, he will lose even more of his traditional support base and it is this that would hand the next election on a plate to Red Ed Miliband by default despite a strong economy and despite the socialist rot Labour stand for.

Which is exactly why Mr Cameron needs to engage in this debate and act now or lose later.

Cooper Rating Soars as Sewell Suffers CF Set Back.

TORY YOUTH National Chairman, Oliver Cooper, has sensationally seen his support surge and topped the latest Conservative Future [CF] poll, tbg can reveal.

The CF National Chairman has picked up support where his colleague and now without a doubt, rival, National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell has lost support since telling friends she is going to run for CF National Chairman via text. The news exploded on the political scene after one of the text message recipients leaked the information and wrote a seething blog post, viciously attacking the Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman.

Figures show that more CF'ers are willing to give the CF National Chairman Oliver Cooper a 5-Star rating over CF Deputy Sewell, whom topped the 1-Star rating choice. Some 52% of those that responded think positively of Cooper compared to 29.9% who think negatively.

83% of people asked view Sewell’s decision to stand at this time negatively. 21% say it was the wrong thing to do for her campaign, 31% say it is not good for Conservative Future and another 31% say it will negatively impact her ability to serve as Deputy National Chairman.

Polling expert Mo Metcalf-Fisher told tbg - "If the poll shows anything, it is that the respondents are not happy with the executive. As the 2015 general election looms ever closer, and the next CF election date remains unclear, how long must CF wait before its members can have a say on its leadership? We desperately need unity and Oliver Cooper needs the support of his executive.

"Toytown politics is ruining our organisation and I fear it may put off activists off at a time when we need as many feet on the ground as possible. There is at present a clear divide between Cooper and his executive. Without unity, whether coerced or otherwise, CF can forget building the necessary activist base for 2015."

[VIEW] FULL Poll Results & Analysis - [.PDF]

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Turncoat Brooking Makes UKIP Candidate List.

TBG can today exclusively reveal that less than 24 hours after re-joining UKIP from the Conservatives, blogger Geoff Brooking has sensationally been given clearance to stand for the party in next year's local elections.

Hustings for the remaining seats where UKIP have yet to select candidates for the Havant Borough Council authority are set to take place within days and today Brooking was sensationally added to the candidates list.

Kipper Brooking told tbg - "The hard work starts straight away. It is an honour and a privilege to even have the chance to represent UKIP."

Brooking stepped up his campaign calling upon the Conservatives to suspend the lifting of border controls next January with his famous letters in both the Daily Express and Portsmouth News yesterday, much to the annoyance of his local MP and Cabinet Minister David Willetts.

EXCLUSIVE: Let’s Not Resort to Eastern European-Bashing.

By Essex Tory Youth Chairman & Backbencher writer Andrew Thorpe-Apps

After reading Geoff Brooking’s recent piece for tbg, there are a few points that should be made. Whatever Mr Brooking or Daily Express readers may think, EU migrants are not the root of all our problems.

When Geoff talks about ‘EU migrants’, I assume he is not talking about German engineers or French doctors. As with UKIP, it seems his anger is pointed squarely at Eastern European ‘benefit tourists’. Nigel Farage has suggested Britain could be swamped by 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians in January 2014 (the combined population of these countries is 27.5 million).

In fact, this scaremongering is directed at a group who have made a ‘substantial’ contribution to our public finances since 2000. A recent UCL study found that EU migrants are less likely to receive state benefits or live in social housing than more established groups.

Parallels can be drawn between Britain’s reliance on Eastern European labour, and California’s need for Mexican migrants. The 2004 film A Day Without a Mexican takes a satirical look at what the consequences would be if all California’s Mexicans suddenly disappeared.

I’m also reminded of the film Gangs of New York. If we substitute the Irish migrants for Eastern European ones, and add the likes of Nigel Farage and Mr Brooking into the mix, then we’ve got a fairly accurate UK version of that movie.

We can also draw historical parallels as well as international ones. Many of the Huguenots who fled to England in the late 17th century faced hostility. The same is true of Jewish migrants who came here in the early 20th century. Narrow-minded nativism is nothing new.

As Anna Soubry said on Question Time, "When times are tough there’s a danger, and history tells us, when things are not good, you turn to the stranger and you blame them."

I know Conservatives are better than this.

Brooking Returns to UKIP.

The more I hear David Cameron say that it is in British interests to remain in the failing EU the more I feel that I and the rest of the electorate are being led up the garden path.

People have had enough nonsense from politicians promising one thing before an election and doing something different after.

The Conservative MP Adam Afriyie has hit the nail on the head.

If David Cameron and his party are so committed to letting people have their say on the EU then he should re-negotiate now even if it does mean Nick Clegg throwing his toys out of the pram again.

I seem to remember that a commitment to an EU Referendum was in quite a bit of Liberal Democrats campaign material in 2010 too.

Red Ed Miliband The 'Dodgy Car-Salesman'.

Poor Red Ed Miliband has come under attack from another of his former MP's again today.

Brawler Eric Joyce, the man who's actions have caused the Unite vote rigging row in Falkirk, has laid into his former boss today.

In an interview with The Times he accuses the Labour Leader of looking like a - "Dodgy car-salesman".

Joyce lost the Labour whip last year after assaulting four people in a Commons bar.

tbg understands that Red Ed is refusing to publish Labour’s internal inquiry into the Falkirk selection scandal or publish the findings of the Labour Party’s internal inquiry in a desperate bid to keep in the loop with his union paymasters.

This is despite the fact that senior Labour figures including Jack Straw, Alistair Darling and Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont are all now calling for Labour to re-open their investigation.

Tory Youth National Executive Member Blasts CF Leader.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE'S (CF) growing public discontent with its National Executive takes a sensational twist today after executive member Matt Robinson slammed the CF National Leadership.

The alarming claims that Craig Lawton was recently on point this past week on tbg came publicly on social networking site Twitter.

CF International Officer, Matthew Robinson stated - "Our communication with the National Chairman is non-existent, that might have something to do with it."

Robinson was co-opted to the Conservative Future National Executive as International Officer, responsible for developing relationships with sister centre-right organisations overseas and liaising with CCHQ's International Office.

The Great Hancock Cover-Up.

A DECISION regarding Mike Hancock MP WILL be taken next Friday, tbg can reveal, as sensational allegations of a "major cover-up" in order to "kick the issue into the long grass" are circling in Portsmouth this morning.

It follows news this morning that a Freedom of Information Request by James Haggar to see Nigel Pascoe QC's damning report as regards the Portsmouth South MP's behaviour towards a vulnerable female constituent was recently blocked.

tbg can reveal the decision to give "Full power to a sub-committee to make a decision when it meets next Friday" was rubber-stamped by the council's Executive last night, but that hasn't stopped the conspiracy theorists going to town this morning.

Whilst Liberal Democrat Councillor and sub-committe member Terry Hall issued a statement saying that, "It was a procedural matter" and that - "The sub-committee does not at present have the power to postpone the meeting unless this committee gives them that delegated authority."

Executive member Councillor Aiden Gray promised that - "It was a rubber stamping exercise so that there will be no more delays" and that "that is when the outcome will be decided."

One former Lib Dem told told tbg this morning that its all going to be a - "Whitewash and the public shouldn't hold its breath just yet."

Another alleged that the report had already been deliberately leaked to the Lib Dems, such is Nigel Pascoe QC's damning verdict, saying [as revealed by tbg earlier this week] that they - "Believe it is also no coincidence that PCC deliberately leaked the name of the victim on it's website against the ruling of the High Court."

Hancock is this morning refusing to comment insisting that his priority at the moment is the future of the Portsmouth naval base.

Yesterday a 67 year old disabled Portsmouth pensioner was arrested at his home by five police officers armed with a search warrant. They took his mobile phone and memory stick from his computor.

Sources say he was detained for over six hours whilst being interrogated for charges of alleged harrassment without violence against Mike Hancock and one of his office staff.

Another D-Day For Mike Hancock MP.

Hancock's main excuse over the past few weeks has been that he's to unwell to defend himself.

However, that didn't stop Portsmouth South Independent MP Mike Hancock asking David Cameron a question at PMQ's yesterday or accusing the M.O.D. Of "incompetence" on BBC South Today last night.

Today, at 11am a committee at Portsmouth City Council will meet and decide whether or not to defer an investigation into Mike's behaviour towards a vulnerable constituent.

It's argued that such an investigation could prejudice a separate High Court action.

tbg thinks Mike could be playing for time so as he can re-stand for his Fratton seat next May rather than face the embarrassment of being blocked from standing again for the Liberal Democrats, whom locally at least, are still backing him.

How IDS = In Deep S**t.

The pressure is again piling on Iain Duncan Smith today as regards the Universal Credit Fiasco at the D.W.P.

With the man himself failing to budge in the recent re-shuffle the latest blame has instead fell upon his permanent secretary Robert Devereux.

A fresh report this time by the influential Public Accounts Committee will today blast alarmingly "weak management" which has seen the new benefit delayed and up to £140 Million wasted.

Despite I.D.S. Saying he has "every confidence" in Devereux, tbg understands that Chancellor George Osborne does not have the same level of confidence in Iain Duncan Smith and wants him sacked a.s.a.p.

EXCLUSIVE: Five More Kippers Get The Boot.

FIVE more former UKIP members of Lincolnshire County Council have been sensationally booted out of the party, tbg can reveal.

The five were part of a breakaway group set up by former Leader Chris Pain.

UKIP tonight said the reason for their decision was because they had broken party rules by forming another political party.

The news comes on the same day that Tory Blogger Geoff Brooking announced that he is "actively considering" returning to UKIP.

Mr Brooking says that action needs to be taken in order to stop further EU migration controls being lifted in January and in today's Letter of the Day in the Daily Express he explicitly tells David Cameron to "act now".

Over 80,000 people have so far signed a Daily Express petition on the issue.

Uproar at Shipyard Job Losses.

There's uproar in Portsmouth tonight at news of the loss of 940 jobs at Portsmouth shipyard.

MPs of all parties are saying that its a politically motivated sweetener as regards the Scottish Independence Referendum and some people are even calling for Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt to resign as Phil Hammond's P.P.S.

Navy engineers will still stay as support staff to Govern Shipyard and Portsdown Hill navy support at B.A.E. Systems will stay too.

Portsmouth Council Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson just told tbg that he was "disappointed at the financial package on offer" saying that "it was nothing new."

Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock accused the M.O.D. Of "incompetence" and said it was "a decision the government would live to regret."

And Gosport's Caroline Dineage said it was "devastating news".

UPDATE 07/11/13

A new Facebook page calling on the government to save Portsmouth Shipyard was launched last night.

Within hours the page had already got over 30,000 Likes.

Huge Support For 'No More EU Migrants' Campaign.

I congratulate the Daily Express for yet again leading the way in standing up to the EU by getting 75,000 signatures together in protest at yet more EU diktat by saying - "No more EU migrants".

If the Prime Minister really does think that, as this petition proves, "public opinion with the EU is wafer thin" then he should stop brushing the issue into the long grass in order to appease the Liberal Democrats and act now.

The Prime Minister should suspend British support for relaxing new border controls immediately rather than wait until after the 2015 General Election for a re-negotiation because he knows full well that the outcome of that election is not guaranteed to work in his favour.

Plus, as was proved by Tony Blair's broken promise as regards a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, not every politician can be trusted on this issue can they?

So I tell David Cameron in the kindest possible way; Act Now!

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth National Executive Member Receives Surge In Support.

ONE MEMBER of the Conservative Future National Executive has seen their support "ROCKET" in polling conducted by Mo Metcalf-Fisher, tbg can sensationally reveal.

Tory Youth members have been taking part in polling since last week which asks activists to rate CF National Executive members' performance. Oliver Cooper [National Chairman], Sarah-Jane Sewell [Membership], Rob Manning [Political], Ben Corbridge [Best Practice Officer] were all listed for scrutiny.

Mo exclusively told tbg - "One of the four CF exec' members named has seen their support rocket, leaving the other three miles behind, quite alarmingly far behind."

tbg can also exclusively reveal that as it stands 32% of those asked were not happy with what CCHQ provided for freshers, with a handful refusing to distribute the literature they believed did not represent the Conservative Party.

The poll is still open here.

Lib Dem Youth Half Page Progress Report Under Fire.

LIBERAL YOUTH Chair' Sarah Harding has come under fire today after the release of the national executive's winter report. The Liberal Youth [LY] National Executive's progress report was half a page long and lacking any sort of detail, except the fact that LY saved £900 by NOT using Royal Mail.

There was much criticism of Harding's winter report on social media, one Lib Dem sensationally slammed the report raging - "This takes the biscuit, this is genuinely the laziest LY report I've read..."

The report concludes that LY is - "Now back at (almost) full capacity on executive members and have big plans for the future. These include finalising the Schools packs, and launching the 2014 Gold Guard."

LIB DEM YOUTH HALF PAGE Executive Report - Winter 2013

Council Names Hancock Sex Victim.

TBG can sensationally reveal that bosses at Portsmouth City Council have dropped a huge clanger by NAMING the woman Mike Hancock is accused of sexually assaulting.

Even though the 1992 Sexual Offences Act gives her a lifetime anonymity a document about advice given by Ian Wise QC included her details ONLINE.

Now a complaint about the matter has been passed on to Council Chief Executive David Williams.

tbg can also disclose that the investigation by Portsmouth City Council into Hancock's conduct is almost certain to be delayed on fresh legal advice.

The council's Governance, Audit and Standards Committee was due to make a decison as regards Hancock when it was scheduled to meet on Friday November 15th.

However, its now set to meet on Thursday to decide on the new way forward after legal advice received by the council suggested that there "Is a risk of inconsistent decisions being made."

The case has already costs Portsmouth taxpayers an estimated £50,000 and Tory Chairman Donna Jones is fuming.

The Tory Group Leader told tbg this morning - "I am not sure why the sub-committee is being asked to make a decision about this."

"We have already resolved this."

"It is in the public interest and in the interest of the alleged victim that this case is concluded as a matter of urgency."

How Council Will Fund Chief Executive Bumper Pay Rise.

Its caused uproar across the town and has ripped the heart and soul out of the local Labour Party, yet still, tbg can today expose that Councillor Colin Lambert, the Leader of Rochdale Council is to ignore pleas from his own party in order to railroad through a 40% pay rise for Chief Executive Jim Taylor and similar rises for other council officers.

tbg can expose that despite the excuses from cabinet members including champagne socialist Richard Farnell that the rise is due to extra responsibilities, the last Greater Manchester Chief Executive to assume the Regional Police Role, Barbara Spicer from Salford Council, did not get any extra money at all.

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has again been scathing of the move calling it a "grubby deal" that "reflects badly on local democracy."

Danczuk has even accused Lambert of being - "Hell bent on pushing through unpopular and ill thought through measures that the public don’t want."

One comment on the tbg blog even suggested that socialist sponger Farnell was himself against the increase.

Which only begs the question as to why he didn't resign rather than take collective responsibility for Lambert's actions? Are Danczuk and Farnell are yet again spinning to try and save their own skin?

Sadly though, given that Labour's fingerprints are all over it, tbg thinks that the public aren't that daft and come the next set of local elections, they will simply see through it.

#NowhereNearTheMark: Welsh Tory Chairman Slams CF National Executive.

TORY YOUTH WING'S National Executive has again come under public criticism, this time from the Chairman of Swansea West Conservative Association, Craig Lawton, tbg can reveal.

Lawton's criticism came just hours after the announcement of former Tory Youth Chairman Ben Howlett's selection as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Bath.

Mr Lawton sensationally announced via his Twitter account - "Congrats to @benhowlettcf [Ben Howlett] on PPC selection for #Bath. Shame current #CF "exec" will assume they are guarenteed similar. #NowhereNearThemark"

When approached, a source close to Mr Lawton said - "Craig is sick and tired of the current in-fighting taking place between the National Executive of CF. I know for a fact that he feels they are undoing the work the Ben did previously."

The source went on to comment - "Craig has said on a number of occasions that he felt Ben gave CF a reasonable face. This current executive are in it simply for their own gain and publicity; it seems that every week another one of them is announcing their intention to stand for the the position of National Chair, no doubt with the assumption that is a quick route to Westminster."

Previously the Chairman of Swansea Conservative Future, Craig Lawton, a lawyer based in Swansea, recently resigned from his position as Chairman of South Wales West CF. His resignation email, in which he heavily criticised the Chairman of Wales CF Chris Harries, was subsequently leaked to tbg.

It would appear that the Mr Lawton has gone one step further this time by suggesting that the entire National Executive of the Tory youth wing are in fact "Nowhere near the mark" of their former leader Ben Howlett.

Former Tory Youth Leader Ben Howlett Selected as Bath Parliamentary Candidate.

BEN HOWLETT has been selected as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate [PPC] for Bath, tbg can reveal.

Former National Tory Youth Chairman, Howlett, told supporters upon selection - "I can't wait to serve such a beautiful city!"

Bath Conservatives held a 'primary' selection process that enabled every registered voter in Bath to apply and attend the selection meeting. They were given the opportunity to quiz candidates and vote on who the Conservative candidate should be.

Gove: 'I Know It's Tough'.

Hot on the heels of his recent visit to Portsmouth, Education Secretary Michael Gove has told tbg that he realises times are tough.

Speaking in response to teachers striking recently Mr Gove told tbg - "Teachers need to realise that times are tough for everyone. We have had a pay freeze and a reform of pensions."

"But at the same time we have given teachers a guarantee that the amount of money going into schools will be protected."

"People I have spoken to know we are spending more money for under privileged children."

"I am sympathetic with the tough times and I fully appreciate what an incredibly challenging job being a teacher is today."

"However, there's still a long way to go before we can feel that every child has a chance."

Cameron Slams Union 'Mob' Tactics.

Unite members target homes of Ineos managers

David Cameron has expressed outrage at the latest tactics used by Unite union members.

The Prime Minister said the allegations that Unite members directly targeted the homes of Grangemouth Refinery managers with "lynch mobs" were "quite shocking".

One Ineos Director told tbg that he believes the union sent a "lynch mob" to directly intimidate him at his own private home during the recent industrial dispute.

Whilst Unite insists it has done nothing wrong Tory Chairman Grant Shapps has called for a full investigation.