'Yet Another Blitz on Work-Shy Scroungers'.

I am absolutely delighted to hear that the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith and the Chancellor, George Osborne are set to launch yet another blitz on the work-shy scroungers of Britain.

The fact that 200,000 people have been jobless for more than a year is an insult to the hard working, tax paying and law abiding citizens who continue to fund their ways.

The blitz is long overdue because the fact of the matter is that we need to end the welfare state as the free-for-all that it was under Labour and turn it back into the safety net that it was originally invented for.

What this crackdown, the news that George Osborne is to try and freeze petrol duty for the remainder of this Parliament, the news that the minimum wage rose yet again this week and the fact that so many low income earners do not have to pay any tax at all shows is that far from a return to the left wing tax and spend agenda of Ed Miliband and his failing Labour Party, only the Conservatives really are on the side of hard working people.