Universal Credit Shambles Minister Sacked.

TBG couldn't help noticing that one of the Minister's given the boot in the reshuffle was the man responsible for the DWP and Universal Credit shambles, Mark Hoban.

Hoban took up the post in September 2012 and still insists that David Cameron was very happy with the work he did.

The ex-Work and Pensions Minister Mark Hoban once admitted he didn't know how the benefits system works, he has been quoted as admitting - "I can’t navigate my way round the benefits system. We have a complex benefits systems [sic]."

In an exclusive interview with tbg following his sacking, Mr Hoban said - ‎"Obviously I am disappointed but I am not the kind of person who looks back and has regrets. The time has come for fresh faces.

"I have been a front-bencher for twelve years and I am now looking forward to my role as a back bencher. I have turned the work programme around and think it is absolutely right to reform welfare, get people back into work and not reliant on benefits."

Mr Hoban was replaced by Esther McVey.