Tory Youth Wing Election Race Erupts at Party Conference.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) Deputy Chairman for Membership Sarah-Jane Sewell tried to keep her long awaited announcement between friends but such is politics, you can't trust all your friends.

Sewell sent a text to her closest CF colleagues to announce her intention to knock current Chairman Oliver Cooper off his perch at the top of the CF food chain when national elections roll round. The text was leaked by the #thingsEJsays blog which has caused an almighty RIFT within CF ranks and an angry early morning text exchange between #thingsEJsays blog editor and Sarah-Jane Sewell.

According to sources Sewell was irate with the blogs editor for printing her text message online, claiming she could now not trust the editor as she thought "they were friends".

The long predicted rift in the CF executive documented on this website seems to have now reared its head in the most sensational way possible on, politically, the grandest stage of them all.

Sewell is said to have hired the same PR guru to lead her campaign as last years CF Chairman Candidate Matt Robinson.

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