Sick Note Labour Councillor Raked in Over £16k Whilst Services Were Cut.

TBG can expose the hypocrisy of 'left wing Militant' and sick note Councillor Richard Farnell.

New figures show that Farnell, who tried and failed to press charges against a Tory Blogger for assault, received a total of £16,166.45 in allowances from Rochdale Council despite also getting paid sick leave in the same financial (2012/13) year from Liverpool Council.

The figure is £6,000 more than was stated the councillor would be entitled to for that financial year in Rochdale Council's own figures produced in July 2012.

Last December staff at the council were forced into taking unpaid leave over the Christmas and New Year period, whilst Portfolio Holder Farnell pulled in £16,000 and Council Leader Colin Lambert pulled in almost double that figure. It would seem as if Rochdale Council had very little, if any, sympathy with their fellow public sector comrades.

The basic allowance paid to all Rochdale Borough Council councillors during 2012-13 was £7,644.