Red Ed's 'Feminist Window Dressing'.

What Ed Miliband's latest re-shuffle amounts to is nothing short a bit of feminist window dressing combined with keeping Red Ed's union paymasters happy.

Down went Blairites Jim Murphy who ran David Miliband's leadership Election, Liam Byrne who wrote "that note" and the man responsible for the Enfield Southgate "Portillo moment" Stephen Twigg and in came lefties Vernon Coaker, Tristam Hunt and Rachel Reeves.

Even Gordon Brown's old chum Michael Dugher got further up the ladder.

What it all proves is that Labour never change from being the party that loves to jump on a bandwagon at the same time as pledging to tax and spend even more of our money which would ultimately put our nation's finances back to square one yet again.

They don't call 'Red Ed' the 'Son of Gordon' for nothing!