Red Ed Says David Cameron Has 'Lost Control'.

So, Red Ed Miliband says that David Cameron has "lost control" of his government and offers no solution to so called "rising household costs".

What complete and utter nonsense.

When Red Ed Miliband can come up with some of his own practical solutions maybe people will take note. The electorate need to realise that it was Red Ed who introduced the green taxes on energy bills in the first place.

Under Labour Council Tax doubled, the television licence rocketed, fuel duty went through the roof and the 10p tax rate was scrapped.

Under the Conservatives all of this has frozen and thanks to government savings so as to reduce the deficit, interest rates remain low. And yes, it is thanks to government under spends at the Health and Defence departments that we can afford to scrap Red Ed's green taxes.

If Red Ed Miliband is so keen on an energy price freeze now then why didn't he have one at the height of the recession when he was Energy Secretary?