Labour's Champagne Socialists at it Again.

TBG can today sensationally reveal that Rochdale champagne socialists Richard Farnell and Colin Lambert are at it again.

Today the pair sensationally agreed to a whopping £40,000 pay increase for Council Chief Executive Jim Taylor.

The move, in austere times, has caused uproar in the town where mainstream services face further cutbacks.

The news comes in the same week when it was revealed that Jaguar owner Farnell earned £16,000 from the council last year despite being on paid sick leave from Liverpool Council.

Even local MP Simon Danczuk has criticised the move. However, a local source said he only did so for fear of being dragged into the debacle himself.

It's yet another example of how Red Ed Miliband's Labour Party never change from their tax and spend ways that continue to leave them so out of touch with reality.