Labour Cannot be Trusted to Run The NHS.

The fact that Red Ed Miliband bottled out of sacking Andy Burnham in the recent Shadow Cabinet Re-shuffle shows yet again how Labour cannot be trusted to run the NHS.

Anybody who wants to know how Labour would run the NHS today need look no further than Wales, where under devolved Labour rule, the NHS budget has been cut in real terms.

And then we come on to that man Mr Burnham.

A man so arrogant at dismissing the mess Labour left behind he even threatened to sue our current magnificent Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

The fact of the matter is that whilst freedom of information figures show that whilst patients at Mid Staffs Hospital were forced to beg for water and in one case be seen drinking water from flower jugs, Mr Burnham, yes Mr Burnham and his department went through EIGHTEEN bottles of champagne whilst he was Health Secretary.

Try telling that to the family of diabetic Gillian Astbury who was refused insulin before lapsing into a coma and dying in 2007.