Labour At War: Abbott Removed.

Abbott was one of the more maverick Shadow Cabinet members

THE WAR in the Labour Party took a sensational new twist last night. Dianne Abbott, Britain's first black MP, who it's thought was only made a Minister as a consolation for her defeat in the Leadership contest is the latest figure to add to Red Ed's woes.

Abbott stated last night that she will "enjoy being a free agent on the backbenches again" and will not be silenced.

Already, Abbott has voiced concern over Labour's acceptance of Tory cuts and last night said that the party should adopt a more "far-reaching critique of austerity."

‎She also attacked Miliband for not doing enough as regards Home Office billboards urging immigrants to go home saying - "Ed and his team are terrified by their polling on immigration and as a result are pandering anti-immigrant sentiment."

Its understood that Abbott's sacking was down to her outspoken views on Syria and a lack of discipline. Abbott was replaced on Monday by rising scouser Luciana Berger.