Inflation-Busting Pay Rises For Council Bosses Set to go Ahead Before Christmas.

The crisis in the Rochdale Labour Party, where it now seems likely that the inflation-busting pay rises for fat cat council bosses may now be set to go ahead before Christmas simply underlines how completely unfit this party remains for central government.

Here we have a party, who's Leader, Red Ed Miliband, is trying to give us all the impression that he is on the side of workers and those struggling to make ends meet only for his own members, completely out of touch with local people doing this.

I have a simple challenge for Simon Danczuk who is a man I have always had the upmost respect for as a constituency MP.

If you are really in touch with the electorate and really understand their needs then I suggest you ditch the left wing apparatchiks in Labour and get on the phone to Grant Shapps.

We know you support Welfare Reform, we know you support freezing council tax locally.

Join the party that walks the walk rather than talks the talk.