'In Mr Ferrett We Have a More Modest Labour Candidate'.

I congratulate John Ferrett on his selection as the Labour candidate in Portsmouth North.

Unlike Red Ed Miliband, it seems as though in Mr Ferrett we have a more modest Labour candidate.

I see that Mr Ferrett represents the Prospect Trades Union too.

Prospect recently praised the coalition for agreeing with the need for more nuclear power stations so that should be an interesting issue to keep an eye on.

Under Labour, instead of making a commitment to more nuclear energy like David Cameron recently has, wind farms went up everywhere and green taxes were introduced, thus pushing up prices.

So, I look forward to John holding Red Ed to account on this too.

As for 2015, I personally think that as long as Red Ed keeps shifting further and further to the left to appease his union paymasters the people of Portsmouth North will continue to back our magnificent sitting MP, Penny Mordaunt.