Grow Up and Stop Being a Cry Baby Mr Red Ed.

So, certain commentators continue to be appalled by the Daily Mail’s attack on Ed Miliband through his father.

How people have such short memories.

Only a few months ago, despite her passing and all she did for Britain I recall the Daily Mirror complaining that Margaret Thatcher broke Britain and replaced it with something crueler and nastier and a number of Labour councilors and MP’s carrying appalling and wicked anti-Thatcher rants on her death.

I don't remember the Labour Party telling their supporters that such comments were in very bad taste.

Ed Miliband can rage all he wants and try to point up his protest letters with policy flourishes but the fact of the matter is that the ‘Bolshie’ label is now out there on the Miliband dynasty and has already registered with millions of voters

The trouble these days is that far too many leftists continue to get away with wrongly presenting themselves as morally superior.

Thankfully though, unlike Ed Miliband, most right-wingers like myself are not moralizing cry babies.

If Ed Miliband wants to bang on about how he was influenced by his Marxist father who was a supporter of purges, anti church, anti-democratic invasions on other countries, denying people their freedom of expression then I say let him get on with it.

Maybe the next time Ed gets personal with David Cameron and George Osborne about the supposedly posh way they were brought up people might get the hint.