EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Hit Back at Breakaway Councillors.

A national spokesperson for UKIP has today sensationally hit back at being accused of favouring former Conservatives.

In an exclusive sensationally revealing interview with tbg a UKIP source says that the breakaway "UKIP Lincolnshire is not a name the party will permit for a breakaway group, led by a man (Chris Pain) who has been booted out of the party."

The source says - "Chris Pain says that he is a man of 'honesty and integrity' and then publicly announces that Ukip is in meltdown."

"If his intent is to launch his own political party he should surely resign from every advantaged position bestowed upon him and which he has achieved under the national Ukip banner."

"Whatever the dispute is between Chris Pain and the national party, Chris' Ukip position is untenable and therefore he should stop talking and start writing his resignations instead."