EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dems Rocked By MP Defection Rumours.

There's fresh speculation doing the rounds in Westminster today that former Minister Jeremy Browne could be about to defect to the Conservatives.

The former Home Office Minister was sacked by Nick Clegg last week for "being too right wing" and since then there has been intense speculation as regards his future.

The Tories 2010 candidate in Morley and Outwood, Antony Calvert, led the outrage at his sacking saying that "being too right wing is a reason for promotion not sacking", but David Cameron insists that the decision was taken by Nick Clegg and not him.

Whilst Nick Clegg argues that he has kept the coalition on centre ground Jeremy Browne says that the Lib Dems need to take more responsibility and credit for issues such as reducing the deficit, cutting crime, reducing immigration and introducing new academies.

And speaking to tbg this morning in response to today's Ipsos Mori Poll Mr Browne said - "The Lib Dems must avoid facing inwards to 9% of voters and try and face outwards to the other 91%."