EXCLUSIVE: Leon French Set to Stand Against 'Idiots Trying to Tear CF in Two'.

By Leon French

"Bit early to be announcing such a thing isn't it? You'd be right to think that though as with most of my decisions, it's a very off-the-cuff decision.

"When I joined Conservative Future (both times) I never had any intention of ever standing in internal elections because I see a lot of youth politics as simply a platform to further one's own name most of the time. The current CF National Executive hasn't failed to confirm my expectations, with some exceptions of course.

"As it currently stands, there are a couple of the CF National Executive who are clearly not happy with how things are being done at the moment. They obviously think they could do a better job, with some already announcing their intention to replace Oliver Cooper as Conservative Future National Chairman. I'm sure this is for the best for CF and has nothing to do with their own vanity and their own tendency to name-drop anyway. [/endsarcasm]

"Because of this frustration I feel with these idiots trying to tear CF in two for their own vanity, I intend on standing as well. I'll be honest with you, I've no idea what position I'm going to stand for. As I say, this is a very off-the-cuff, spontaneous decision for me so I haven't planned it out completely yet.

"I don't expect to win whatever I stand for either. My main intention is to give the CF National Executive a massive kick up the backside because, quite frankly, some of them are just starting to annoy me and I'm sure many others are feeling the same way.

"I'm not doing this to cause trouble either. I just want the CF National Executive to get back to doing its job. Members vote for these people to do specific jobs, not to start bickering and covet positions for themselves while they're already sat there doing nothing anyway. That's the point I want to make very clear in the next CF Elections.

"I'll keep you all updated as and when I develop more on my initial decision!"