EXCLUSIVE: Labour Councillor Uses Position to Gain Upper Hand in Assault Dispute.

TBG can today exclusively confirm that Labour Councillor Richard Farnell has sensationally used his own position on Rochdale Council to try and gain the upper hand in a dispute with tbg blogger Geoff Brooking.

In his statement to the police following the incident on 3rd August Mr Farnell triumphantly states that 'he is the Labour Councillor for Balderstone and Kirkholt' in an apparent bid to gain the upper hand according to Mr Brooking. Mr Brooking's complaint against Mr Farnell has to date not even been looked into and was dismissed as a "counter complaint" on Saturday.

However, in what was seen as a politically motivated move, tbg can disclose that before the intervention of Mr Brooking's solicitor, a leading Labour figure allegedly tried and failed to have Mr Brooking arrested and sent to Manchester for questioning at the weekend. Instead, Mr Brooking gave a full statement with his version of events at Waterlooville Police Station in Hampshire.

Mr Brooking told tbg - "The whole investigation by Greater Manchester Police stinks. There seems to be one law for a Labour Councillor and another law for a law abiding citizen. I look forward to police getting to the bottom of this matter as soon as possible so that I can properly report Cllr Farnell to his local Standards Board and so that he can properly face the music for what really happened."