EXCLUSIVE: KCL Tories to Lead UKIP NUS Campaign Team - Leaked Manifesto.

TORY Party activists are sensationally set to lead UKIP activist & NUS Delegate Candidate, Reece Warren's campaign at King's College London (KCL), tbg can reveal.

tbg sources on the ground confirm KCL Tories Sami Steinbock and another influential KCL member are dramatically set to lead Warren's campaign team.

UKIP'er Reece Warren is hoping to be first UKIP NUS Delegate & Member on a student council.

There were rumours earlier this year on this website that an entire faction of Tories at a London University were set to defect to UKIP.

A source explained why Tories were set to not only back but manage Warren's UKIP campaign for NUS representation - "Not only is he reflecting their beliefs best of all the candidates thereby the one we want representing us. He's the one we trust most to do so.

"Furthermore the idea of Reece Warren at NUS conference is one to make us chuckle and get us excited."

tbg has the exclusive leaked draft manifesto drawn up by the said KCL Tory Society members for Warren and his UKIP campaign to become an NUS delegate.

LEAK: Reece Warren NUS Delegate Manifesto