EXCLUSIVE: Controversy Over 'Fake' Tory Youth Margaret Thatcher Award.

Sarah-Jane Accepts Margaret Thatcher Award

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE [CF] National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell has received the inaugural "Margaret Thatcher Award for Out Standing Contribution to CF", awarded by East Midlands CF and its Chairman Richard Harris.

Sarah was proud to accept the ground-breaking award with a blog and video post to her supporters. Sarah says - "It was a real honour when Richard contacted me to let me know I had been awarded this. The Conservative Party is me, it’s everything that I live for."

However, some East Midlands Tory Youth members were not too happy with the choice of National Executive member Miss Sewell to receive the award, even going as far as to sensationally call the award "fake", alleging it only has an interest in furthering the National Deputy and probable 2014 National Chairman candidate's agenda.

One local young Tory told tbg - "I have been part of the East Midlands CF for millennia, and never heard of Sarah-Jane before she became National Deputy. There are a lot of members in my area who deserve an award. A number of people are making an official complaint against this fake award."

There was more uncertainty from another CF member as to why the award was not given to a regular activist - "Self-awarded Sewell didn't deserve that award. There are thousands of volunteers across the country who are out every weekend and don't make a fuss of it. Those volunteers who crack on and work hard need to be commended."

Left-wing blog Political Scrapbook tweeted that the award made them "cringe" and is the kind of thing that "put people off student politics".