Conservatives Call For Another Tax Threshold Rise.

I believe that the senior Conservatives who are calling for a pledge to again raise the tax threshold to be at the heart of the 2015 party manifesto are absolutely spot on.

If there is one thing I can seriously stand up and take my hat off to David Cameron for under the coalition it is the way he has helped hard working, tax paying and law abiding citizens get on in life.

Under the last Labour Government energy bills soared thanks to Ed Miliband's green nonsense, the television licence soared, fuel duty soared and council tax doubled.

Under the coalition the television licence, fuel duty and council tax has all frozen.

Which is exactly why, just as tax cuts were the centrepiece of helping the country under the last Conservative Government, this Conservative led Government should set an example once again by raising the tax threshold to £10,400 before the election and have a pledge to raise it to £13,000 after the election.