'Britain Has Its Best Education Secretary Since Ken Baker'.

The fact that Michael Gove, accompanied by the highly respected Portsmouth South Conservative Candidate Flick Drummond, held an olive branch to teaching union members like he did in Portsmouth last week simply underlines my opinion that in Michael Gove, Britain has its best Education Secretary since Ken Baker.

What teachers need to be concentrating on in schools is providing the best possible and highest quality education possible so as our next generation can finally thrive in life.

Under Labour so many young talents went to waste largely down to both a lack of apprenticeships, poor teaching and an open door migration policy that left so many young talents to rot away.

Yet under the coalition it is now clear for all to see that every parent has the choice of a good local state school for their child, teachers have the powers they need to keep discipline in the classroom and the exams system is rigorous, respected and on a par with the world's best.

The fact that no less than 174 Free Schools and more than 2,000 new Academies have been delivered by the Coalition already simply underlines all of this.

Where as under Labour people would get the same old socialist and comprehensive rot, under the Conservatives Britain has a vision for 21st Century with a proper more rigerous national curriculum, compulsory languages and above all a pupil premium that rewards hard work.