Another D-Day Announced for Hancock as he Still Claims to be a Lib Dem MP.

TBG can today sensationally reveal that on November 15th members of the Governance and Audit Committee at Portsmouth City Council will finally decide whether or not Mike Hancock is guilty of breaking the council's Code of Conduct.

The Council's investigation began in March and has so far cost £45,000 in costs for Nigel Pascoe QC and a further £6,000 a day for getting advice from another QC.

Hancock is being investigated over claims he sexually assaulted a female constituent.

Tory Group Leader Donna Jones told tbg - "I am appalled at the amount of taxpayers money that has been spent."

"I am glad that the date has now been set and as Chairwoman of the Committee I want to ensure fairness and a straight forward process."

"I want the case being dealt with as quickly as possible without any more tax payers money being wasted."

The news comes on the day a poster was photographed in a Council Flat in Portsmouth continuing to promote Mike Hancock as both a Lib Dem Councillor and MP despite him being suspended by Nick Clegg's national party some time ago.