Halloween Special: Jasmine Rahman Vs Tory Youth Exec.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Executive Halloween party at Zoo Bar in Leicester Square is set to go head-to-head tomorrow night with popular Tory activist & former 2013 CF National Deputy Chairman candidate Jasmine Rahman, who is holding an invite only Halloween party at an exclusive Central London location, tbg can reveal.

Both blockbuster party's have been organised for some time and CF'ers up and down the country will be in attendance, but at which party? A decision that is sure to draw lines in the dusty CF sand.

Tomorrow also marks the day Rahman's website clock ticks down to zero - spooky.

tbg has heard rumours that Rahman will sensationally defect to UKIP tomorrow night at her anti-CF National Executive Halloween party, many though would say otherwise.

Other rumours circulating include the CF National Chairman - "Oliver Cooper appears to be sacking off the official party to go to Jasmine's, in light of recent Sarah-Jane Sewell's revelations, that she's planning to oust Oli come next election" - one CF insider told tbg.

An anonymous CF'er told tbg that the parties are only "2 minutes away from each other" and Tory Youth members are likely to be juggling the two premium events.

There were already CF activists weighing up options this afternoon when one stated from a small corner in the Red Lion on Parliament Street - "The official party has free entry but cash bar... Jasmine's has free entry, free drinks all night, magician, nibbles..."


Inflation-Busting Pay Rises For Council Bosses Set to go Ahead Before Christmas.

The crisis in the Rochdale Labour Party, where it now seems likely that the inflation-busting pay rises for fat cat council bosses may now be set to go ahead before Christmas simply underlines how completely unfit this party remains for central government.

Here we have a party, who's Leader, Red Ed Miliband, is trying to give us all the impression that he is on the side of workers and those struggling to make ends meet only for his own members, completely out of touch with local people doing this.

I have a simple challenge for Simon Danczuk who is a man I have always had the upmost respect for as a constituency MP.

If you are really in touch with the electorate and really understand their needs then I suggest you ditch the left wing apparatchiks in Labour and get on the phone to Grant Shapps.

We know you support Welfare Reform, we know you support freezing council tax locally.

Join the party that walks the walk rather than talks the talk.

Smallwood Defects.

Peter Smallwood has sensationally defected to the Conservatives after 22 hours in the Labour Party.

It is thought former Vice President at Brunel University Union and influential staunch Tory activist, Smallwood, was signed up as a practical joke, possibly by his opponents in the political arena.

Brooks & Coulson In No.10 Sex Scandal.

TBG can now report that accused journalist phone hackers the former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks and former News of the World editor & David Cameron's former Chief of Communication Andy Coulson were allegedly involved in a 6-year affair ending in February 2004.

The sensational revelation has come from the prosecution at the 'phone hacking' court case happening right now at the Old Bailey.

It was reported that Prime Minister David Cameron was "Stunned" when he learned details of the steamy affair and has held crisis talks inside No.10 Downing Street.

EXCLUSIVE: Labour War Deepens In Rochdale.

If anyone thought that Rochdale Council's Militant Labour Group bowing to pressure by agreeing to scrap Jim Taylor's £40,000 a year pay rise was the end of the matter then they had better think again.

tbg can exclusively reveal that the decision has, if anything, deepened rifts and in one case, almost certainly left egg on one MP's face.

Whilst town MP and party moderniser Simon Danczuk still says that the original decision was "offensive to people struggling to make ends meet" and even called it a scandal, the same can't be said of Middleton lefty Jim Dobbin who's constituency is also in the borough.

Dobbin, who shares the same office as Council Leader Colin Lambert, said that because Taylor is "taking on extra responsibilities like heading the local police executive" he deserves the recognition.

tbg couldn't help noticing that Grant Shapps new P.P.S. Jake Berry is only up the road in Rossendale too.

Maybe this could provide an easy short cut for Danczuk away from Labour's Militant lefty dinosaurs.

'In Mr Ferrett We Have a More Modest Labour Candidate'.

I congratulate John Ferrett on his selection as the Labour candidate in Portsmouth North.

Unlike Red Ed Miliband, it seems as though in Mr Ferrett we have a more modest Labour candidate.

I see that Mr Ferrett represents the Prospect Trades Union too.

Prospect recently praised the coalition for agreeing with the need for more nuclear power stations so that should be an interesting issue to keep an eye on.

Under Labour, instead of making a commitment to more nuclear energy like David Cameron recently has, wind farms went up everywhere and green taxes were introduced, thus pushing up prices.

So, I look forward to John holding Red Ed to account on this too.

As for 2015, I personally think that as long as Red Ed keeps shifting further and further to the left to appease his union paymasters the people of Portsmouth North will continue to back our magnificent sitting MP, Penny Mordaunt.

Labour Select Ferrett As Candidate Portsmouth.

Labour have tonight selected local Councillor John Ferrett as their candidate for Portsmouth North at the next election.

Ferrett, a Prospect union member, succeeds former Chief Secretary Sarah McCarthy Fry who lost to sitting MP Penny Mordaunt by 7,289 votes in 2010 after an 8.6% swing to the Conservatives.

Ferrett stood against Mike Hancock in Portsmouth South in 2010 gaining 5,640 votes which amounted to a 13.7% share of the vote.

Speaking to tbg Ferrett said - "I am delighted to have been selected in Portsmouth North and am really looking forward to getting on with the job of winning the seat back for Labour in 2015."

Ferrett is one of the opposition councillors still calling for Mike Hancock's suspension pending a hearing at Portsmouth City Council into his conduct soon.

TBG Forces Labour U-Turn.

With all sides of the Labour Party at war in Rochdale tbg can reveal that Cllr Richard Farnell and his Left-wing militants have today sensationally caved into Simon Danczuk & modernisers by scrapping a planned pay increase for council Chief Executive Jim Taylor.

It's another sign of the growing discontent with Red Ed Miliband and his leadership.

Farnell was recently at the centre of an assault dispute with Tory blogger, Geoffrey Brooking, who was later cleared of any wrong-doing.

New CF Poll Launched.

POLLING & analysis expert Mo Metcalf-Fisher has today launched his third Conservative Future poll.

It's a survey that aims to gauge opinion on Tory Conference and internal Tory Youth election gossip.

The poll is now Live and open for participation here.

'Britain Has Its Best Education Secretary Since Ken Baker'.

The fact that Michael Gove, accompanied by the highly respected Portsmouth South Conservative Candidate Flick Drummond, held an olive branch to teaching union members like he did in Portsmouth last week simply underlines my opinion that in Michael Gove, Britain has its best Education Secretary since Ken Baker.

What teachers need to be concentrating on in schools is providing the best possible and highest quality education possible so as our next generation can finally thrive in life.

Under Labour so many young talents went to waste largely down to both a lack of apprenticeships, poor teaching and an open door migration policy that left so many young talents to rot away.

Yet under the coalition it is now clear for all to see that every parent has the choice of a good local state school for their child, teachers have the powers they need to keep discipline in the classroom and the exams system is rigorous, respected and on a par with the world's best.

The fact that no less than 174 Free Schools and more than 2,000 new Academies have been delivered by the Coalition already simply underlines all of this.

Where as under Labour people would get the same old socialist and comprehensive rot, under the Conservatives Britain has a vision for 21st Century with a proper more rigerous national curriculum, compulsory languages and above all a pupil premium that rewards hard work.

Gove Tells Unions It's Time To Talk.

Hot on the heels of recent strike action, Michael Gove has told tbg that he will talk to the unions involved.

In an exclusive interview with tbg in Portsmouth last Friday Mr Gove said - "I know that no one takes the decision to strike lightly but I do think we are in a position to talk."

"We can make sure that any lingering concerns can be fairly addressed so that we can make sure that every teacher does what they want to do which is concentrate on helping children."

"I am always happy to talk to all unions all the time but I want to make sure that all teachers are treated fairly and that there's no reward for militancy."

Labour's Champagne Socialists at it Again.

TBG can today sensationally reveal that Rochdale champagne socialists Richard Farnell and Colin Lambert are at it again.

Today the pair sensationally agreed to a whopping £40,000 pay increase for Council Chief Executive Jim Taylor.

The move, in austere times, has caused uproar in the town where mainstream services face further cutbacks.

The news comes in the same week when it was revealed that Jaguar owner Farnell earned £16,000 from the council last year despite being on paid sick leave from Liverpool Council.

Even local MP Simon Danczuk has criticised the move. However, a local source said he only did so for fear of being dragged into the debacle himself.

It's yet another example of how Red Ed Miliband's Labour Party never change from their tax and spend ways that continue to leave them so out of touch with reality.

Red Ed Says David Cameron Has 'Lost Control'.

So, Red Ed Miliband says that David Cameron has "lost control" of his government and offers no solution to so called "rising household costs".

What complete and utter nonsense.

When Red Ed Miliband can come up with some of his own practical solutions maybe people will take note. The electorate need to realise that it was Red Ed who introduced the green taxes on energy bills in the first place.

Under Labour Council Tax doubled, the television licence rocketed, fuel duty went through the roof and the 10p tax rate was scrapped.

Under the Conservatives all of this has frozen and thanks to government savings so as to reduce the deficit, interest rates remain low. And yes, it is thanks to government under spends at the Health and Defence departments that we can afford to scrap Red Ed's green taxes.

If Red Ed Miliband is so keen on an energy price freeze now then why didn't he have one at the height of the recession when he was Energy Secretary?

Cameron Dumps Green Taxes in Favour of Cheaper Energy Bills.

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron has sensationally announced a "roll-back" of green energy taxes introduced in the 2008 Energy Bill in a bid to reduce consumer energy bills.

During a raucous PMQ's in which the Prime Minister was continually drowned out by Labour MP's Cameron also announced a competition annual audit to investigate how the energy market can be more competitive.

PM Cameron said Labour's energy price freeze policy is a price con. "Prices would go up before hand and afterwards" - said the Prime Minister.

The Speaker of the House had to reprimand the Prime Minister during PMQ's after he referred to Red Ed Miliband as a "Con-man".

Something Needs to be Done Before Winter Bites.

The fact that former Prime Minister Sir John Major has called for a new tax on the profits of energy companies really does show the need for something to be done before winter bites.

Everybody knows that Red Ed Miliband's price freeze idea is such a joke that it isn't even worth the paper its written on but the fact of the matter is that as many people face the choice of heating or eating when winter sets in something needs to be done.

I say we expand the number of energy companies so as to create more competition because it is absolutely clear for all to see that whatever the company, they have all bitten off more than they can chew and in many cases even breached price guarantees.

Tax payers deserve better, service users deserve better and the government needs to act sooner rather than later.

EXCLUSIVE: Controversy Over 'Fake' Tory Youth Margaret Thatcher Award.

Sarah-Jane Accepts Margaret Thatcher Award

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE [CF] National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell has received the inaugural "Margaret Thatcher Award for Out Standing Contribution to CF", awarded by East Midlands CF and its Chairman Richard Harris.

Sarah was proud to accept the ground-breaking award with a blog and video post to her supporters. Sarah says - "It was a real honour when Richard contacted me to let me know I had been awarded this. The Conservative Party is me, it’s everything that I live for."

However, some East Midlands Tory Youth members were not too happy with the choice of National Executive member Miss Sewell to receive the award, even going as far as to sensationally call the award "fake", alleging it only has an interest in furthering the National Deputy and probable 2014 National Chairman candidate's agenda.

One local young Tory told tbg - "I have been part of the East Midlands CF for millennia, and never heard of Sarah-Jane before she became National Deputy. There are a lot of members in my area who deserve an award. A number of people are making an official complaint against this fake award."

There was more uncertainty from another CF member as to why the award was not given to a regular activist - "Self-awarded Sewell didn't deserve that award. There are thousands of volunteers across the country who are out every weekend and don't make a fuss of it. Those volunteers who crack on and work hard need to be commended."

Left-wing blog Political Scrapbook tweeted that the award made them "cringe" and is the kind of thing that "put people off student politics".

Sick Note Labour Councillor Raked in Over £16k Whilst Services Were Cut.

TBG can expose the hypocrisy of 'left wing Militant' and sick note Councillor Richard Farnell.

New figures show that Farnell, who tried and failed to press charges against a Tory Blogger for assault, received a total of £16,166.45 in allowances from Rochdale Council despite also getting paid sick leave in the same financial (2012/13) year from Liverpool Council.

The figure is £6,000 more than was stated the councillor would be entitled to for that financial year in Rochdale Council's own figures produced in July 2012.

Last December staff at the council were forced into taking unpaid leave over the Christmas and New Year period, whilst Portfolio Holder Farnell pulled in £16,000 and Council Leader Colin Lambert pulled in almost double that figure. It would seem as if Rochdale Council had very little, if any, sympathy with their fellow public sector comrades.

The basic allowance paid to all Rochdale Borough Council councillors during 2012-13 was £7,644.

Splits on Free Schools as Clegg Gets Stroppy.

Rumour has it that poor Cleggers is getting all stroppy again and it's all down to the government's Free Schools policy.

Sources in the Lib Dems say Clegg is due to make a speech this week that will set out clear dividing lines between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems.

One spokesman even said that Clegg had been recently causing Cabinet tensions on the issue.

tbg thinks that it marks the beginning of the 2015 General Election Campaign as David Cameron seeks to win the first Conservative outright majority since 1992.

Whilst Cleggers is trying to do a little early electioneering by kicking up a stink over free schools tbg can reveal that only last Thursday the Lib Dems Schools Minister David Laws was defending them.

Ironically, Laws comes from the same County of Jeremy Browne who was linked with a move to the Conservatives on Friday.

And, whilst Taunton Deane MP Browne has, tbg understands, been on Grant Shapps contact list as regards a possible pre-election defection, tbg can also confirm that Yeovil MP Laws was himself the target of a similar possible defection in 2008.

Just days after changing policy by showing support for Free Schools tbg can also reveal that it's now Labour's turn to be flip flopping.

Sources say a spokesman for Ed Miliband told the BBC that if Nick Clegg is serious about opposing unqualified teachers working in free schools then they should "work in dialogue" together.

Clegg has since dismissed the offer saying that his opinions are personal misgivings.

EXCLUSIVE: Desperate Levels of a Labour Spin Doctor.

TBG can today expose the desperate levels to which Labour spin doctor Richard Farnell fell in an attempt to silence and politically assassinate Tory blogger and letter writer Geoff Brooking.

For the past year Mr Brooking had the Rochdale Labour Party on the run with attacks in the Rochdale Observer attacking the party and labelling its Leader a Red Ed.

tbg also exposed Farnell himself for attending 26 council meetings despite being on paid sick leave from Liverpool Council.

In Farnell's eyes something had to be done, but sadly for Farnell and his chums at Greater Manchester Police including P.C.C. Tony Lloyd, after allegedly trying to arrest Brooking just two days before the start of the Conservatives conference and extradite him to the city it all backfired.

Sources say Farnell is now being reported to his Local Standards Board Committee and the Local Government Minister, Eric Pickles.

EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dems Rocked By MP Defection Rumours.

There's fresh speculation doing the rounds in Westminster today that former Minister Jeremy Browne could be about to defect to the Conservatives.

The former Home Office Minister was sacked by Nick Clegg last week for "being too right wing" and since then there has been intense speculation as regards his future.

The Tories 2010 candidate in Morley and Outwood, Antony Calvert, led the outrage at his sacking saying that "being too right wing is a reason for promotion not sacking", but David Cameron insists that the decision was taken by Nick Clegg and not him.

Whilst Nick Clegg argues that he has kept the coalition on centre ground Jeremy Browne says that the Lib Dems need to take more responsibility and credit for issues such as reducing the deficit, cutting crime, reducing immigration and introducing new academies.

And speaking to tbg this morning in response to today's Ipsos Mori Poll Mr Browne said - "The Lib Dems must avoid facing inwards to 9% of voters and try and face outwards to the other 91%."

Red Ed Left Red Faced.

If Red Ed Miliband thought that his promised energy price freeze would strike a chord with voters he had better think again.

Just days after the main party conference season finished tbg can confirm that for the first time in nearly three years an Ipsos Mori Poll has the Conservatives and Labour are neck and neck.

Both Labour and the Tories are on 35% whilst UKIP are on 10% and the Lib Dems remain stuck on 9%.

Its the second separate poll to have the two parties level pegging with the General Election Campaign now just 18 months away.

You Gov made a similar finding in September.

However, one of the most striking findings of the poll shows voters now see the Labour Leader as "too left wing".

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Blogger Cleared In Assault Row.

TBG can tonight exclusively confirm that Tory Blogger Geoff Brooking has been cleared of assault accusations made by Labour Councillor Richard Farnell.

Farnell claimed in an accusation to Greater Manchester Police that the Tory Blogger assaulted him in Rochdale on August 6th.

However, following the news that the Tory Blogger helped police with their inquiries recently during, which he gave a full account of what happened, Mr Brooking was this week formally notified that after a review of the case no action is to be taken.

Mr Brooking told tbg - "Whilst I am pleased at this news I still believe that I have been very unfairly treated and given the fact that I was assaulted twice in the first instance and my complaint against Mr Farnell was only treated as a 'counter accusation' I intend to make a complaint to the relevant authorities through my solicitor and report Mr Farnell to his local Standards Board Committee."

EXCLUSIVE: Leon French Set to Stand Against 'Idiots Trying to Tear CF in Two'.

By Leon French

"Bit early to be announcing such a thing isn't it? You'd be right to think that though as with most of my decisions, it's a very off-the-cuff decision.

"When I joined Conservative Future (both times) I never had any intention of ever standing in internal elections because I see a lot of youth politics as simply a platform to further one's own name most of the time. The current CF National Executive hasn't failed to confirm my expectations, with some exceptions of course.

"As it currently stands, there are a couple of the CF National Executive who are clearly not happy with how things are being done at the moment. They obviously think they could do a better job, with some already announcing their intention to replace Oliver Cooper as Conservative Future National Chairman. I'm sure this is for the best for CF and has nothing to do with their own vanity and their own tendency to name-drop anyway. [/endsarcasm]

"Because of this frustration I feel with these idiots trying to tear CF in two for their own vanity, I intend on standing as well. I'll be honest with you, I've no idea what position I'm going to stand for. As I say, this is a very off-the-cuff, spontaneous decision for me so I haven't planned it out completely yet.

"I don't expect to win whatever I stand for either. My main intention is to give the CF National Executive a massive kick up the backside because, quite frankly, some of them are just starting to annoy me and I'm sure many others are feeling the same way.

"I'm not doing this to cause trouble either. I just want the CF National Executive to get back to doing its job. Members vote for these people to do specific jobs, not to start bickering and covet positions for themselves while they're already sat there doing nothing anyway. That's the point I want to make very clear in the next CF Elections.

"I'll keep you all updated as and when I develop more on my initial decision!"

'I Had to Pay £750 for 227 Shares and Still Never Get My Post Before Lunchtime'.

What is it with certain Royal Mail staff and the Labour supporting left wing loonies in the Communication Workers Union [C.W.U.]?

It seems to me that certain people don't realise how well off they are.

On top of getting a bumper pay offer over a long period and 725 shares each worth over £3,500 they still vote to strike.

I had to pay the best part of £750 for my 227 shares and still never get my post before lunchtime.

Royal Mail needs to modernise like other private companies.

It seems to me as though either the C.W.U. are afraid of change or just hell bent on causing trouble.

Afriyie Humiliated.

Remember tbg's story of how Tory MP Adam Afriyie tried to put David Cameron under pressure to bring forward his E.U Referendum?

tbg can tonight confirm that his amendment to the E.U. Referendum Bill has failed to attract ANY supporters.

Seems that the only plot in Westminster might be aiming at Afriyie himself.

Hewitt Hits 2013 Pink List.

WIRRAL Tory Youth Chair' Tara Hewitt has sensationally come in at number 43 on this years The Independent on Sunday's Pink List.

Tara's spot outranked Gok Wan, Jessie J, Alan Carr, Derren Brown, Will Young and Iain Dale.

The Indy says - "Recently elected chair of Wirral Conservative Future and deputy chair of Conservative Future North West, the trans and human rights activist is being assessed as a potential parliamentary candidate."

Tara exclusively told tbg - "I’m privileged to be included in the Pink List 2013 alongside some inspiring and very special people, it’s nice to have your work recognised and I hope my inclusion as a Trans and Bisexual Women will encourage other LGBT people to achieve their goals and highlight how as the Conservative Party, we are made up of people from all backgrounds who support the values of hard work and success."

Voice of Dover Made PPS.

As predicted by tbg, The Voice of Dover, Charlie Elphicke, has finally been made a Parliamentary Private Secretary [P.P.S].

Charlie, who took the Kent seat with a huge swing in 2010 despite losing to Kerry Pollard in St Albans 2001 and not standing in 2005, will work for Europe Minister David Lidington.

Elsewhere, tbg's Mr. Kebab, George Hollingbery, stays as Theresa May's right-hand-man at the Home Office.

However, in a move that will delight her constituents, Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt is made P.P.S. to the safe pair of hands that is the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.

Conservatives Call For Another Tax Threshold Rise.

I believe that the senior Conservatives who are calling for a pledge to again raise the tax threshold to be at the heart of the 2015 party manifesto are absolutely spot on.

If there is one thing I can seriously stand up and take my hat off to David Cameron for under the coalition it is the way he has helped hard working, tax paying and law abiding citizens get on in life.

Under the last Labour Government energy bills soared thanks to Ed Miliband's green nonsense, the television licence soared, fuel duty soared and council tax doubled.

Under the coalition the television licence, fuel duty and council tax has all frozen.

Which is exactly why, just as tax cuts were the centrepiece of helping the country under the last Conservative Government, this Conservative led Government should set an example once again by raising the tax threshold to £10,400 before the election and have a pledge to raise it to £13,000 after the election.

Labour Get Desperate.

The Labour Party got more desperate than ever yesterday.

In an attempt to rid their Leader of his 'Red Ed' tag and accusations of a further shift to the left their new DWP spokesperson Rachel Reeves pledged to get tougher than ever on slashing the benefits bill whilst their new Education spokesman Tristram Hunt said that he now regrets once calling free schools a "vanity project for yummy mummies."

What neither mentioned was that their party has so far opposed every benefit cut made by the coalition and vigorously opposed every measure to create free schools.

tbg thinks they are either jumping on more bandwagons or just making it all up as they go along.

McCluskey Tells Red Ed He's Doing a Great Job.

Hot on the heels of Red Ed Miliband ditching more Blairites and moving his party even further to the left comes a resounding endorsement from his number one union paymaster.

Red Len McCluskey, the man who threatened a General Strike during the 2012 Olympics and has pledged to fight Theresa May's Immigration Bill "all the way" tells The Sun:

"The Labour Party is still our party and I want to make sure it is well funded."

"Ed is the most genuinely radical Labour Leader for 30 years."

tbg thinks that with words like that flying around our Ed is sure gonna be stuck with the "Red" tag for sometime yet!

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Hit Back at Breakaway Councillors.

A national spokesperson for UKIP has today sensationally hit back at being accused of favouring former Conservatives.

In an exclusive sensationally revealing interview with tbg a UKIP source says that the breakaway "UKIP Lincolnshire is not a name the party will permit for a breakaway group, led by a man (Chris Pain) who has been booted out of the party."

The source says - "Chris Pain says that he is a man of 'honesty and integrity' and then publicly announces that Ukip is in meltdown."

"If his intent is to launch his own political party he should surely resign from every advantaged position bestowed upon him and which he has achieved under the national Ukip banner."

"Whatever the dispute is between Chris Pain and the national party, Chris' Ukip position is untenable and therefore he should stop talking and start writing his resignations instead."

EXCLUSIVE: Five Breakaway 'Kippers Face Expulsion.

TBG can sensationally reveal this morning that hot on the heels of Chris Pain's exlusion from UKIP last month, five more breakaway 'Kippers on Lincolnshire County Council face the boot next week.

They are Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright, Bob McAuley, John Beaver, Richard Fairman and Alan Jesson.

Breakaway 'Kipper John Beaver told tbg that he thought the national party was favouring former Conservatives saying:

"I am aware the party are trying to get rid of us in favour of ex-Tories."

"They seem to think the sun shines out of their backsides."

[READ] - EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Hit Back at Breakaway Councillors

Red Len Strikes Again.

Remember the chaos Labour's open door migration policy caused between 1997 and 2010? Well one person who doesn't is Labour's leading union paymaster Len McCluskey.

The Unite Leader is this morning threatening to do his utmost to derail Theresa May's Immigration Bill "every step of the way" despite a change of tone from Red Ed Miliband recently.

Red Len is even threatening to get his members to refuse to carry out nationality checks on NHS patients and bank customers too.

Tory MP Chris Skidmore last night told tbg that Red Len "is hopelessly out of touch with workers he claims to represent" and said that it was "Labour's open door migration policy which got us into this mess in the first place."

An Affront to the British Way of Life.

What a cheek for Red Ed Miliband's number one paymaster, Red Len McCluskey to say that Theresa May's Immigration Bill is an "affront to the British way of life."

What was the biggest affront to the British way of life was Labour's very own migration policy when they were in office which saw foreign workers take British jobs and at the same time wreck workers real term wages and destroy our country's own talent.

What this yet again proves is despite Labour's latest rhetoric, much to the annoyance of Dianne Abbott, the party has never changed and as was also proved by Tony Blair recently supporting the cause of Albanians wanting to work here soon, they would do the same given the chance all over again.

Red Ed's Losing Welfare Argument.

Poor Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls are reeling at the news that separate polls all now show how the Conservatives are slaughtering not just Labour but also Lib Dems and UKIP on the issue of welfare.

A poll for Labour, which was last night exclusively passed on to tbg shows that over 60% of voters in marginal seats including Portsmouth North, Southampton Itchen and Lincoln back the current government crackdown.

And when voters in marginal Tory/Lib Dem/UKIP seats including Portsmouth South, Eastleigh and Bath were asked 84% of current UKIP supporters back the crackdown as do a sensationally revealing 77% of Lib Dem supporters.

The poll is sure to send shockwaves around Westminster and tonight for the first time in two years on-line bookies Stan James made the Conservatives favourites to win the 2015 General Election.

Labour Cannot be Trusted to Run The NHS.

The fact that Red Ed Miliband bottled out of sacking Andy Burnham in the recent Shadow Cabinet Re-shuffle shows yet again how Labour cannot be trusted to run the NHS.

Anybody who wants to know how Labour would run the NHS today need look no further than Wales, where under devolved Labour rule, the NHS budget has been cut in real terms.

And then we come on to that man Mr Burnham.

A man so arrogant at dismissing the mess Labour left behind he even threatened to sue our current magnificent Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

The fact of the matter is that whilst freedom of information figures show that whilst patients at Mid Staffs Hospital were forced to beg for water and in one case be seen drinking water from flower jugs, Mr Burnham, yes Mr Burnham and his department went through EIGHTEEN bottles of champagne whilst he was Health Secretary.

Try telling that to the family of diabetic Gillian Astbury who was refused insulin before lapsing into a coma and dying in 2007.

Pain in The Rear as Council Beg Debenhams to Provide Free Loos.

The Liberal Democrat Leader of Portsmouth City Council, Gerald Vernon Jackson, is today begging local retail outlets including Greggs and Debenhams to sign up to a scheme to let the public use their loos for free.

Vernon Jackson has sensationally revealed the council is unable to afford the running costs of its public lavatories.

Tory Group Leader Donna Jones slammed the move as disgraceful and said the ideal way forward should be a simple 20p flat charge.

Universal Credit Shambles Minister Sacked.

TBG couldn't help noticing that one of the Minister's given the boot in the reshuffle was the man responsible for the DWP and Universal Credit shambles, Mark Hoban.

Hoban took up the post in September 2012 and still insists that David Cameron was very happy with the work he did.

The ex-Work and Pensions Minister Mark Hoban once admitted he didn't know how the benefits system works, he has been quoted as admitting - "I can’t navigate my way round the benefits system. We have a complex benefits systems [sic]."

In an exclusive interview with tbg following his sacking, Mr Hoban said - ‎"Obviously I am disappointed but I am not the kind of person who looks back and has regrets. The time has come for fresh faces.

"I have been a front-bencher for twelve years and I am now looking forward to my role as a back bencher. I have turned the work programme around and think it is absolutely right to reform welfare, get people back into work and not reliant on benefits."

Mr Hoban was replaced by Esther McVey.

Labour At War: Abbott Removed.

Abbott was one of the more maverick Shadow Cabinet members

THE WAR in the Labour Party took a sensational new twist last night. Dianne Abbott, Britain's first black MP, who it's thought was only made a Minister as a consolation for her defeat in the Leadership contest is the latest figure to add to Red Ed's woes.

Abbott stated last night that she will "enjoy being a free agent on the backbenches again" and will not be silenced.

Already, Abbott has voiced concern over Labour's acceptance of Tory cuts and last night said that the party should adopt a more "far-reaching critique of austerity."

‎She also attacked Miliband for not doing enough as regards Home Office billboards urging immigrants to go home saying - "Ed and his team are terrified by their polling on immigration and as a result are pandering anti-immigrant sentiment."

Its understood that Abbott's sacking was down to her outspoken views on Syria and a lack of discipline. Abbott was replaced on Monday by rising scouser Luciana Berger.

Red Ed's 'Feminist Window Dressing'.

What Ed Miliband's latest re-shuffle amounts to is nothing short a bit of feminist window dressing combined with keeping Red Ed's union paymasters happy.

Down went Blairites Jim Murphy who ran David Miliband's leadership Election, Liam Byrne who wrote "that note" and the man responsible for the Enfield Southgate "Portillo moment" Stephen Twigg and in came lefties Vernon Coaker, Tristam Hunt and Rachel Reeves.

Even Gordon Brown's old chum Michael Dugher got further up the ladder.

What it all proves is that Labour never change from being the party that loves to jump on a bandwagon at the same time as pledging to tax and spend even more of our money which would ultimately put our nation's finances back to square one yet again.

They don't call 'Red Ed' the 'Son of Gordon' for nothing!

EXCLUSIVE: CPS Still Awaiting Hancock Dossier.

TBG can sensationally reveal today that the Crown Prosecution Service are still awaiting for the dossier as regards Nigel Pascoe's QC's report into Mike Hancock.

A spokesman told tbg - "We continue to liaise with the police in relation to their re-investigation of this case but have not received any new evidence for consideration."

As reported on tbg last week, Hancock has to face a Standards Committee hearing at Portsmouth City Council on November 15th in order to put forward his case and question witnesses if he wishes.

If found guilty Hancock could be banned as a councillor for up to six months and stripped of his portfolio.

EXCLUSIVE: KCL Tories to Lead UKIP NUS Campaign Team - Leaked Manifesto.

TORY Party activists are sensationally set to lead UKIP activist & NUS Delegate Candidate, Reece Warren's campaign at King's College London (KCL), tbg can reveal.

tbg sources on the ground confirm KCL Tories Sami Steinbock and another influential KCL member are dramatically set to lead Warren's campaign team.

UKIP'er Reece Warren is hoping to be first UKIP NUS Delegate & Member on a student council.

There were rumours earlier this year on this website that an entire faction of Tories at a London University were set to defect to UKIP.

A source explained why Tories were set to not only back but manage Warren's UKIP campaign for NUS representation - "Not only is he reflecting their beliefs best of all the candidates thereby the one we want representing us. He's the one we trust most to do so.

"Furthermore the idea of Reece Warren at NUS conference is one to make us chuckle and get us excited."

tbg has the exclusive leaked draft manifesto drawn up by the said KCL Tory Society members for Warren and his UKIP campaign to become an NUS delegate.

LEAK: Reece Warren NUS Delegate Manifesto

Cabinet Reshuffle Begins.

Michael Moore is the first big name to be sacked in the Cabinet re-shuffle. He's being replaced as Scottish Secretary by former Liberal Democrats Chief Whip Alistair Carmichael.

Carmichael was the MP who carried out an investigation that led to Mike Hancock losing the Westminster Party Whip.

Reshuffle Expected Today.

TBG can confirm that a Cabinet Re-shuffle is expected today. Rumours gathered pace last night after John Randall and Chloe Smith quit the government.

Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphicke is amongst a host of fresh faces set to become a minister's and their appointed parliamentary private secretaries for the first time.

Tory MP Says Voters Are Still 'Suspicious' About PM's EU Vote Pledge.

A Conservative Party backbencher has today called on the Prime Minister to bring forward his referendum on the E.U. Adam Afriyie says some voters are still "not convinced" by Mr Cameron's argument and are even "suspicious" of its motive.

In today's Mail on Sunday Mr Afriyie makes what many see as a last ditch attempt to get the P.M. to bring forward his re-negotiation of Britain's E.U. Membership and referendum to October 2014.

UPDATE: Home Secretary Theresa May says Adam Afriyie is wrong whilst Nigel Farage says Cameron is again trying to kick the issue into the long grass.

Another D-Day Announced for Hancock as he Still Claims to be a Lib Dem MP.

TBG can today sensationally reveal that on November 15th members of the Governance and Audit Committee at Portsmouth City Council will finally decide whether or not Mike Hancock is guilty of breaking the council's Code of Conduct.

The Council's investigation began in March and has so far cost £45,000 in costs for Nigel Pascoe QC and a further £6,000 a day for getting advice from another QC.

Hancock is being investigated over claims he sexually assaulted a female constituent.

Tory Group Leader Donna Jones told tbg - "I am appalled at the amount of taxpayers money that has been spent."

"I am glad that the date has now been set and as Chairwoman of the Committee I want to ensure fairness and a straight forward process."

"I want the case being dealt with as quickly as possible without any more tax payers money being wasted."

The news comes on the day a poster was photographed in a Council Flat in Portsmouth continuing to promote Mike Hancock as both a Lib Dem Councillor and MP despite him being suspended by Nick Clegg's national party some time ago.

Grow Up and Stop Being a Cry Baby Mr Red Ed.

So, certain commentators continue to be appalled by the Daily Mail’s attack on Ed Miliband through his father.

How people have such short memories.

Only a few months ago, despite her passing and all she did for Britain I recall the Daily Mirror complaining that Margaret Thatcher broke Britain and replaced it with something crueler and nastier and a number of Labour councilors and MP’s carrying appalling and wicked anti-Thatcher rants on her death.

I don't remember the Labour Party telling their supporters that such comments were in very bad taste.

Ed Miliband can rage all he wants and try to point up his protest letters with policy flourishes but the fact of the matter is that the ‘Bolshie’ label is now out there on the Miliband dynasty and has already registered with millions of voters

The trouble these days is that far too many leftists continue to get away with wrongly presenting themselves as morally superior.

Thankfully though, unlike Ed Miliband, most right-wingers like myself are not moralizing cry babies.

If Ed Miliband wants to bang on about how he was influenced by his Marxist father who was a supporter of purges, anti church, anti-democratic invasions on other countries, denying people their freedom of expression then I say let him get on with it.

Maybe the next time Ed gets personal with David Cameron and George Osborne about the supposedly posh way they were brought up people might get the hint.

Canning Conference Success.

NEW regional chairman of Eastern Region Conservative Future [CF] Stephen Canning, held the first Eastern Region CF conference reception on Sunday at the plush Jurys Inn hotel.

The event was very well attended by over forty activists, Eastern Region MEP candidate and CF'er Tom Hunt and Braintree MP Brooks Newmark. The event was entirely free to including the wine on offer.

Canning exclusively told tbg - "I was absolutely delighted to host a reception for the Eastern Region Conservative Future at this years Conservative Party Conference and it was fantastic to see so many activists from across the region, neighbouring regions and national executive in attendance. I hope everyone had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing everyone at our regional events in the future."

Blairite MP Quits & Walks Out on Red Ed.

The war between the Blairites and the Junior Brownites in Labour has reached fever pitch. tbg can exclusively reveal this morning that the latest Blairite to kick up a stink is Stoke MP Robert Flello.

Despite saying publicly that he backs Red Ed, tbg understands that Flello has told Miliband that he wants to focus on "other Parliamentary interests" and sensationally quit as Shadow Minister.

Flello is close buddies with Ed Balls and it's not beyond the realms that it cold all be part of a briefing campaign to bring Miliband down and replace him with Yvette Cooper, so as to save the party from a 1983 style thrashing in 2015.

Complaint Filed Against Council Leader in Latest Hancock Row.

TBG can today reveal hot on the heels of the Mike Hancock dossier being passed on to Hampshire Police & the C.P.S. and Gerald Vernon Jackson changing his approach to the issue, today there is yet another extra-ordinary twist.

tbg can exclusively confirm that according to a complaint sent to the City Solicitor at Portsmouth City Council, this time Council Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson is under the cosh.

A complaint from a local resident reads:

"I have read today comments by the Leader of Portsmouth City Council in response to the story about calls for the investigation file on Lib Dem Cllr, and Independent MP, Mike Hancock to be referred to the Crown Prosecution Service, as reported in the news.

"The statement by Cllr Vernon-Jackson is clearly misleading and in some respects completely false.

"As a member of the public I expect to be able to trust elected members of the Council to not only tell the truth but protect the interests of residents over and above any loyalty they may have to political colleagues.

"By failing to do this, and potentially risking the safety of vulnerable adults in the City. Cllr Vernon-Jackson has not only brought Council into disrepute, but appears to be in breach of the Council's Safeguarding policy in relation to vulnerable adults, I therefore call on Portsmouth City Council to investigate the actions of Cllr Vernon-Jackson in these regards."

'Yet Another Blitz on Work-Shy Scroungers'.

I am absolutely delighted to hear that the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith and the Chancellor, George Osborne are set to launch yet another blitz on the work-shy scroungers of Britain.

The fact that 200,000 people have been jobless for more than a year is an insult to the hard working, tax paying and law abiding citizens who continue to fund their ways.

The blitz is long overdue because the fact of the matter is that we need to end the welfare state as the free-for-all that it was under Labour and turn it back into the safety net that it was originally invented for.

What this crackdown, the news that George Osborne is to try and freeze petrol duty for the remainder of this Parliament, the news that the minimum wage rose yet again this week and the fact that so many low income earners do not have to pay any tax at all shows is that far from a return to the left wing tax and spend agenda of Ed Miliband and his failing Labour Party, only the Conservatives really are on the side of hard working people.

EXCLUSIVE: Kebab Van MP Gets Unanimous Backing.

TBG can exclusively reveal that Theresa May's right hand man and P.P.S. George Hollingbery has sensationally been given unanimous backing to be the Conservative Candidate in Meon Valley again in 2015.

In what was a Liberal Democrat Target, Mr Hollingbery won easily in 2010.

George told tbg - "I am so excited that I have got another chance to stand in Meon Valley and I thank the local party for putting their faith in me."

"It has been such a fantastic experience since 2010 and I have learnt a great deal and have met hundreds of interesting people."

Oxford graduate George is famous for holding open surgeries in his rural seat in a re-vamped Kebab Van.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth National Chairman 'Blocked' at CF Reception.

As an early CF election campaign takes hold and rifts publicly emerge, tbg can sensationally reveal that Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman Oliver Cooper was allegedly blocked at this year CF reception, with the two national executive deputies taking control.

One anonymous source told tbg - "Sarah-Jane Sewell and Robert Manning took full control of the CF reception here at conference and blocked Cooper by not letting in the people they didn't know or like. Instead they brought their own friends without tickets."

Influential CF'er Dominic McDonough told tbg - "I couldn't get in. CF young professionals reception was a success though thanks to Ollie and Liam Fox."

Tory Youth Wing Election Race Erupts at Party Conference.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) Deputy Chairman for Membership Sarah-Jane Sewell tried to keep her long awaited announcement between friends but such is politics, you can't trust all your friends.

Sewell sent a text to her closest CF colleagues to announce her intention to knock current Chairman Oliver Cooper off his perch at the top of the CF food chain when national elections roll round. The text was leaked by the #thingsEJsays blog which has caused an almighty RIFT within CF ranks and an angry early morning text exchange between #thingsEJsays blog editor and Sarah-Jane Sewell.

According to sources Sewell was irate with the blogs editor for printing her text message online, claiming she could now not trust the editor as she thought "they were friends".

The long predicted rift in the CF executive documented on this website seems to have now reared its head in the most sensational way possible on, politically, the grandest stage of them all.

Sewell is said to have hired the same PR guru to lead her campaign as last years CF Chairman Candidate Matt Robinson.

[READ] - EXCLUSIVE: Mahyar Tousi in Tory Conference CF National Chairman Bid.