Universal Credit Shambles Exposed Yet Again.

With the Universal Credit fiasco that tbg exposed earlier this year now firmly in the mainstream media and public domain it's now come to light that Iain Duncan Smith is laying blame for the chaos on his own civil servants.

IDS says that he has lost faith in Whitehall mandarins and is now taking guidance from the private sector instead. The new benefit was due to be rolled out nationwide next month but while critics say it may have to wait until April 2017, IDS insists his target is now April 2015.

Yesterday a National Audit Office report criticised the very civil servants IDS refers to for keeping the Secretary of State in the dark about what was really going on. The new benefit was originally designed to help make work pay before tbg exposed that this was only the case for fresh claims at Ashton Job Centre, where it is still being trialled.

And whilst Labour are this weekend questioning IDS's position Downing Street tonight told tbg that it maintains full confidence in the Secretary of State.