EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth National Chairman 'Banned' From Conservative Conference Slot.

TORY YOUTH National Chairman Oliver Cooper has sensationally been denied a speaking slot at the main conference hall this year, something that was granted to his predecessor Ben Howlett, last time the Tory party went to Manchester.

Sources also reveal that Cooper’s only apparent speaking slot this year is a small role inside the Freedom Zone, a good 15 minute walk from the official conference centre, where he is discussing the topic of "Why I left the Tories/ Why I’m staying".

An anonymous source told tbg - "Oliver was elected on the promise that he would be a strong independent Conservative Future National Chairman, but so far the YBF media training and libertarian agenda has failed to materialise. Being denied a speaking slot simply underlines the lack of faith the party has in him and how little power he really has.

"Our members will be bitterly disappointed that CF has zero presence in Manchester compared to last time, and there really is only one person to blame for that."