Red Ed Miliband Has Business on the Run.

With shares in the leading utility companies taking a nose dive on the announcement by Red Ed Miliband that he wants to freeze prices tbg has today learned of another ABOUT LEFT by the Labour Leader.

With no less than three Blairites about to be sacked in the forthcoming re-shuffle, roving reporter Geoff Brooking has this morning learned that pressure is growing on Miliband from his union comrades to extend the price freeze promise on utilities to other markets such as water, petrol and rail travel.

In the last few hours its understood that Tony Blair, Lord Mandelson and Lord Digby Jones have voiced either concern or disquiet.

Blair said that the idea went down well with conference but refused to condone it, Lord Mandelson said that - "the perceptions of Labour policy are in danger of going backwards", and Lord Digby Jones accused Miliband on taking the party down a road of "tribal socialism."

One S.S.E employee from the company's Havant office told tbg this morning that even though she was planning to vote Labour herself in 2015 because she is so afraid of losing her job through Miliband's proposed radical overhaul she is now seriously considering switching to the Conservatives.

tbg thinks that at this rate Red Ed is going to give Michael Foot a good run for his money for worst Labour Leader, ever.