Red Ed Letting Unions Keep a Grip on Labour.

So, once again it is clear for all to see that Red Ed Miliband has failed to take the initiative by letting the unions keep a grip on Labour.

What do you expect when facts and figures show that it is the unions that provide 81% of all Labour funding anyway including over £20 Million since Red Ed became Leader?

The fact of the matter is that Red Ed has failed to change because the unions want something back in return for their money.

No business would want otherwise.

If union delegates think that his policies are "contradictory" and "confusing", goodness knows what the general electorate think, especially when a recent poll showed that some 40% of Unite members support David Cameron?

If Red Ed Miliband really wants to distance himself from the unions he shouldn't just scrap the affiliation fee but he should also pay the money back that the unions have given the party since he became Labour Leader in the first place and reduce union control over half the votes at party conferences and a third of votes in leadership elections.

But then again, isn't that what helped him beat his David in 2010 anyway?