Red Ed at War With Party.

TBG can exclusively reveal this morning hot on the heels of yesterday's sensationally revealing exclusive as regards Lord's Mandelson and Digby Jones opposition to an energy price freeze, at least three of Miliband's 'inner circle' are also opposed to the move. tbg can exclusively reveal that they are Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper and Chuka Umunna.

It's understood that the real reason behind the idea is actually pressure from the trades unions, who, latest figures show, provide 81 per cent of Labour funding. However, one MP who is being tipped to replace Andy Burnham as Shadow Health Secretary next week, Caroline Flint, has this morning backed her Leader and fellow South Yorkshire MP.

Whilst Balls, Cooper and Umunna think it will damage Labour's relationship with big business Flint issued a statement late last night saying - "All the warnings about blackouts were nothing more than scaremongering. Labour reforms and the price freeze will make sure consumers get a fair deal."

TBG thinks that as proved by comments from an S.S.E. Employee yesterday prove, jobs will be put at risk.