Local Tory Group Being Run Like 'Stalinist Regime'.

CRAWLEY TORY troubles continue this week after a nomination for Group Leader was sensationally void as procedure allegedly wasn't followed in the 'correct order'.

Cllr Liam Marshall-Ascough's nomination was entered on time as were all other relevant information. However, in emails seen by tbg the officer in charge of the nominations voided Mr Marshall-Ascough saying - "In order for this to be a valid nomination, we would also have needed an e-mail from another Group member, formally seconding the nomination, and an e-mail from Liam, consenting to the nomination."

Sources allege all of these conditions were met before the deadline, but not in the correct order it seems, as leaked emails from the deputy group leader state the nomination was - "Not in the correct form, formally seconding and formally consenting. No-one can second a nomination, or consent to it, until the nomination has been proposed."

Local sources say that these stated rules within the emails are not the official rules handed down by Conservative Campaign HQ in London and is an affront to democracy.

One Group member told tbg - "The emails talk about being nominated via email in the correct order - that's not in the Group rules. I just despair at the direction the Conservative group is heading because of a select few that like to run the show."