Labour Party Stink of Desperation and Political Opportunism.

So, after three years of waiting for a policy announcement and thirteen years of ruining our country all that Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls and their out-dated Labour Party can come up with is a pledge to scrap the so-called "bedroom tax".

This doesn't just speak volumes but also stinks of desperation and even more political opportunism at the heart of the Labour Party.

Have the Labour Party got nothing better to do than tax hard working and law abiding citizens even more just so as to fund the welfare state?

Under the last Labour Government between 1997 and 2010 we had a welfare system where it paid not to work coupled with an open door migration policy that saw our own home grown young talents wasted.

What this kind of policy shows yet again is where as the Conservative Party under the magnificent Leadership of David Cameron and Chairmanship of Grant Shapps want to help people get a job or train up for a job so as to get on in life all that the Labour Party are interested in is funding its own core welfare supporting base.

No wonder that 40% of Unite members are sick of Red Ed Miliband already and so many councillors up and down the land remain disillusioned with his failing leadership and no wonder Labour's lead in the latest opinion polls has shrunk from 14 points up a year ago to level pegging recently.

If you ask me, people can now clearly see that clear blue water emerging between Labour and the Conservatives with Labour moving ever closer to the left with their union paymasters whilst the Conservatives stick firmly to the centre ground that Middle England continues to aspire to.

Instead of taking to his soapbox to defend the idea of a free-for-all welfare state as opposed to one that acts as a safety net, what Red Ed Miliband should be doing this week in Brighton is firstly distancing himself firmly from the left wing trades union barons who fund 81% of his party and get the front row seats at conference, even though they are hell-bent on causing mayhem. Secondly, apologising for the legacy of debt that he and his party left behind along with that letter from former merchant banking millionaire Liam Byrne saying that "there is no money left" and thirdly say sorry to the young generation of people, who's talents were wasted when his party was last in office thanks to their socialist rot of an open-door migration policy.

Only then will people ever start to sit up and take note, let alone ever take the Labour Party seriously again because in my opinion what those long thirteen years between 1997 and 2010 proved was that whether it was Brown or Blair, Labour were not fit for government then and are still not fit for government now.