Labour Councillor Accused of 'Naked Hypocrisy' Over 'Page 3' Pole Dancing Comments.

LABOUR Councillor Chris Mullins has come under fire after remarks likening the increasingly popular fitness art of pole dancing to Page 3.

The Crawley Borough Council Shadow Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture, is reported as saying - "I was not pleased to see pole dancing booked, that is Page 3 stuff". Mullins expressed concerns about "downmarket" shows he feels have been introduced at Crawley's Hawth Theatre recently after a change in management.

The local pole dancing fitness organiser said - "It was an unprofessional and misleading comment which is not correct. There is strictly no nudity and this is a physical discipline that requires you to be really strong. Pole dancing has moved out of the clubs and is now in gyms."

Tory Council Cabinet Member for Leisure and Cultural Services Cllr Duncan Crow labelled Mullin's remarks as, "naked hypocrisy", after a 'penis origami' show was booked when the Labour Councillor was Cabinet Member for Crawley Leisure and Cultural Services.

Councillor Crow told tbg - "I remember when Chris Mullins was the Labour Cabinet Member responsible and was having male strippers performing at the Hawth."

"Puppetry of the Penis is still touring although it is not coming to the Hawth in this year’s autumn tour. It features full-frontal male nudity and is advertised as 'a mind-blowing show written and devised by two handsome, well-endowed Australians who manipulate their manhood into various shapes, objects and landmarks'."

Cllr Chris Mullins has apologised for any offense he may have caused, but stood by his comments.