Labour Attack Ruling Local Tory Cabinet and Call on Them to Resign.

NEWLY-ELECTED leader of the Crawley Conservative group, Cllr Howard Bloom, has defended his Party's ruling cabinet after the local Labour Party group Chairman sensationally called on cabinet members on the Tory run council to resign their positions.

Labour Group Leader Chris Oxlade said - "Now, more than ever, the town needs a council with a real direction and sense of purpose, yet rather than leading the Tories have resorted to infighting and pettiness.

"This administration has proven that they cannot deliver and it’s time for them to go."

Crawley Conservative group Chairman Howard Bloom told local reporters - "We had a full attendance at the group meeting last night. Two members could not make it, but they voted by proxy.

"We are not in disarray. We are united, we have a sense of purpose and going forward."