Hewitt Elected Wirral Tory Youth Chair'.

TARA HEWITT has been sensationally elected Chair' of the troubled Wirral Conservative Future (CF) branch.

Tara has released this exclusive statement to tbg - "I'm very happy to be the new chairman for Wirral CF. I'm looking forward as a priority to building stronger links with Liverpool, West cheshire and other NW CF branches going forward.

"We are a diverse family and I'm proud to be friends with other inspiring cf activists across the region, Its important to give all our members an opportunity to interact socially, to share ideas & to share plans in the region so we are all best placed to help the party going into EU elections in 2014 and then onto the general election in 2015 too.

"I will be working with our local associations to reach out for new members in the coming months and getting behind our key 40/40 target seats: Esther McVey MP's seat of Wirral West and our local target seat of Wirral South.

"I'm looking forward to meeting other branch chairman at Conservative Party Conference and learning what has worked well else where in the country at growing a new branch.

"Id like to thank our North West Chairman Jonathan Levy for his support following my election and looking forward to getting behind his fabulous plans here in the North West."