Hancock's Comfort.

One bit of comfort for the Liberal Democrats Councillor and Independent MP Mike Hancock last night was his old chum, the BBC Political Editor Peter Henley.

Whilst Donna Jones, Guido Fawkes, and tbg were all busy highlighting the seriousness of the allegations still facing him, his old chum Henley was all too busy playing them down.

Hancock is so friendly with Henley that the BBC man even gets away with calling him "Red Mike" on the odd occasion.

Speaking on both BBC Radio Solent and on BBC South Today, Henley said that Hancock was keen to point out that the allegations have been going around for years, that he vigorously denies them, and that he would not be bullied out of office.

Henley however did his old chum Hancock no favours though by doing an interview with Liberal Democrat MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole Annette Brooke.

Annette was very keen to point out at the Liberal Democrats Conference in Glasgow that as a result of Nick Clegg's actions (eventually), Hancock was no longer a Liberal Democrat MP but instead now an Independent.

Surely, if Hancock continues to lose friends in Parliament at this rate he's soon going to be a very lonely figure.

One get's the feeling as though even though some people can already see the writing on the wall, poor power-mad Mike and at time of writing, Gerald Vernon Jackson, just can't!