EXCLUSIVE: Young Labour Rep Slams 'British Scum' & Is 'Going to Kill' Hilary Clinton.

Andy Burnham (centre) and Passarlay (right) last week

YOUNG LABOUR SOURCES are understood to be furious with the party's young representative Gulwali Passarlay after a number of threatening and sexist social network posts.

Passarlay fled to Britain from Afghanistan five years ago but sources inside Labour say he has strong links to senior Labour politicians including Andy Burnham and Ed Miliband. Mr Passarlay has featured in the Independent, on Channel 4 and also served on the National Scrutiny Council at the British Youth Council.

The comments in question are related to military intervention in Afghanistan as well as Britain's role in the Gaza/Israeli conflict.

Labour sources have sensationally revealed comments about the conflict between the Hamas and Israel in relation to rocket attacks that took place, Passarlay said - "It's a defeat for the American and British scum who lied that Hamas had started it and openly encouraged Israel to slaughter civilians".

Sources also say there is disquiet over views that the premise for the Afghanistan war was a "Lie". One Labour source alleges - "He is a '9/11 truther' who claims it is a conspiracy by the Americans to allow them to exploit oil. According to him, the 1000+ deaths, including 67 British people, were a controlled demolition." 

The source went on and told tbg - "The worst remark, however, was of how he hopes to kill Hilary Clinton [right]. He is also egged on by other friends to do so. Views like Mr Passarlay's cannot be tolerated."

It has been reported that Mr Passarlay plans to return to Afghanistan and run for the presidency after completing his studies.