EXCLUSIVE: Poll Shows Tory Youth Split on Death Penalty.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) members took part in a controversial poll last week set up by polling expert Mo Metcalf-Fisher.

The full results are due later this week, but tbg can exclusively reveal the poll is set to show that CF members are overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the EU and are split down the middle over the reintroduction of the death penalty.

'Death Penalty in cases such as murder?'

Strongly for: 23.8%
For: 23.39%

Disagree: 12.39%
Strongly disagree: 34.4%

Don't Know: 5.05%
None of Above: 0.92%

'If a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU were held tomorrow how would you vote?'

Leave: 72.48%
Remain: 21.56%

Would not vote: 0.92%
Don't Know: 5.05%

The full results are set to appear on Mo's new blog which has recently had a facelift.