EXCLUSIVE: Leaked CF Chairman Resignation Letter Criticises 'Lack of Leadership' in Wales.

Craig Lawton pens letter to Wales CF Chairman

TBG can exclusively reveal a leaked letter of resignation by Craig Lawton, the Chairman of South Wales West Conservative Future [CF], to the leader of the Conservative Party's youth brigade in Wales.

Following numerous criticisms aimed at the Wales CF leader, it was thought that calm had finally been restored to the Tory Party in Wales. However, this most recent revelation from a local Welsh chairman is aimed to raise more questions about the state of Wales CF.

Mr Lawton, who is also the Chairman of Swansea West Conservative Association, stated in his email to Mr Harries that he was resigning because his "busy schedule" meant he "would struggle to give the role of Chairman for South Wales West CF [his] full attention."

A source close to Mr Lawton however said - "Craig has been involved with CF in Wales for a long time now and I know that he is extremely disappointed to see such a lack of inactivity at the top." Mr Lawton who also refers to a "lack of leadership... within Wales CF."

Regional Welsh elections have not taken place after they were called off earlier this year, with Wales CCHQ apparently taking charge in organising & overseeing fresh elections.

Mr Lawton's resignation goes on to say "It is my hope that you will, in your role as Chairman of Wales CF, find the time therefore to carry out a full election for both regional representatives and officers so that Wales CF can regain the leadership and driving force that it, unfortunately, appears to have lost."

A local source told tbg - "Such a damning indictment upon the Wales CF leadership further highlights the fact that the Wales CF has not organised any elections", since national elections concluded back in March this year.