Does Red Ed Think We Were All Born Yesterday?

If there was one thing that the Labour Leader really did right with his speech to conference in Brighton it was almost certainly to live up to the 'Red Ed' tag that media commentators like myself invented when he took over from Gordon Brown.

But that's just about as good as it got because everything else that he uttered and offered was nothing short of a return to the same old socialist days of more regulation and more taxation that got us all into the financial mess David Cameron inherited in 2010.

Does Mr Miliband really think we were all born yesterday?

His pledge to freeze gas and electricity prices between 2015 and 2017 if he wins the next election is the closest thing to a bribe any politician can come out with.

The reason why energy bills shot up like they did is because of the failed environmental policies that were implemented when he was Environment Secretary.

People need to realise that it was Ed Miliband who was the architect of the so called 'green energy' that saws bills go through the roof and silly on and off-shore wind farms blot our landscape here, there and everywhere.

Or did Ed Miliband dream his latest idea up in the same casino where Gordon Brown sold our gold at rock bottom prices?

What the conference has proven yet again is that Labour really never change from their old tax and spend ways.

Take Ed Balls big idea as well which is to clobber mansion owners so as to scrap the so-called 'bedroom tax', fund more welfare and scrap the public sector pay cap.

Nothing could be worse for the wealth creators that this country so desperately needs than more taxes.

If ever there could be a Chancellor who could put an end to a recovery before it has even gathered pace it would be Ed Balls.

As my fellow commentator Patrick O'Flynn so correctly put it in Brighton on Tuesday "Nobody is fooled by Ed's attempt at such chat-show smarm" because they all know that what it all really means is a return to the same old left wing socialist rot that this country so resoundingly rejected in 2010 and in my opinion will also reject come the next election in 2015 too.